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Custom Screen Printing is as popular as it has ever been and as a matter of fact it may be more popular then ever. With the explosion of entrepreneurship in America today the screen printing industry has become a beneficiary of this popular trend. Today small business owners provide 70% of jobs in America.

100% Cotton Spinral Inner Short Sleeve Custom Printed On Children's T-shirtNot only does the small business market provide the custom screen printer with endless opportunities to expand their product line but it also presents itself as a repeat and every expanding customer base. The public school system also provides a huge market place. Custom printed t-shirts are very popular with children from elementary school all the way through high school.

Something that has become very popular white button down shirt 5t today is the ability to design your own shirts online. Letting people create their own t-shirt design from the comfort of their own home or office has taken custom screen printing to the next level. People love to be creative and the internet has aloud this to be possible for those people who are looking for an out of this world t-shirt design that is fairly inexpensive. This fairly new technology has not only benefited the customer but the custom screen printer has benefited in several different ways as well. No longer does the printer have to try to produce a design for a customer that can only give a vague idea of what they want. The customer has all the tools they need and can create their vision right there on their computer screen. This frees up the artist time to make suggestions to customers on improving their design. It also allows an art staff the time that is need to create perfect separations for jobs that require some serious thought if the job is going to look the best that it can.

Customers do not realize that custom screen printing is a very unique process. A really good screen printer has paid his or her dues along the way. You can find reward in every custom screen printing job that you do. When you see the faces of your customers light up when they see their shirts for the first time it gives a certain satisfaction they you can’t get from anything else. When you see people wearing the shirts that you printed when you’re out at the ballpark or grocery store it makes you feel very proud of what you have accomplished.

Custom screen printing is a rewarding and tough business. It is a very competitive business as well. You have your big players and your small one’s. Just remember that everyone started some where. If you’re interested in custom screen printing you should started out slowly and plan for a large learning curve. Once you pass the learning curve you will be able to reap the benefits of a most rewarding and enjoyable business we call custom screen printing!

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