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What Does The Bible Say About Purpose In Life

Let’s have a look what the Bible states about Purpose in Life. The Bible has no different view of purpose of life. It is also very clear about what should be the purpose of life of human being according to the Bible. It draws the same conclusion as that of other holy books.

Discount Cotton Design Lonely Bear Children's T-shirtAccording to the Bible, life should be lead to attain that purpose of life for that God has sent you on this earth and every person has a specific goal and purpose in life that he needs to achieve after birth.

*Obey the Commandments of God*

We are here to obey the Commandments of God, which is the highest power and authority of all. We are born and incarnated with a purpose to fulfill. We need to find that purpose and act accordingly. It also states that we should fear God before taking any action. God has given us wisdom, discretion and freedom of choice. We should utilize the same and act in accordance to the same. Our every action and deed will be brought to judgment by God whether it is open or hidden. Even if you have done something unintentionally, that too will be taken into consideration.

*Fear God for all your evil and wrong deeds*

Solomon says that life is of no value if it is wasted without keeping the Commandments of God. We have come here to act and live according to the pre-destined plan of the Almighty God and he never teaches us any evil or sin. We should follow the Commandments of God considering it as our purpose of life. We should fear God and never forget to remember that all our sins and evil deeds are taken into account. So, we must take extreme care in all our actions and deeds so that we could be able to fulfill the Commandments of God for which He has sent us on this planet.

*Enjoy God’s Proximity*

Hence the ultimate purpose of all human beings should be, as per the Bible’s teaching, to follow the destined route of our purpose in life to glorify God’s Commandments and enjoy his proximity. All human being are craving for eternal peace and contentment which can only be attained by placing yourself closer to God by making the right step in the right direction in our life time. It will lead us to the ultimate peace and fulfillment which is the final goal to achieve in everyone’s life.

It’s only by the grace of God that a person can identify and reach his life purpose. We need to remember God everywhere and in every action we taken to enjoy that connectivity with God. By doing good deeds of public interest and for the welfare of society and culture, we bring ourselves closer to God and can enjoy his graceful proximity, after that nothing is left out to be achieved and vintage t shirts san diego enjoyed.

I am sure the Bible’s teaching will definitely show you all, a path to follow in searching your respective purpose of life. And my quest of “What does the Bible say about purpose in life” ends with these lines and I wish you all the very best in searching your own purpose of life in line with the Bible’s teachings.

I wish you the best you deserve, may God help you Find your Purpose and Live it with Passion!

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