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Co2 Air Tanks

Women's Custom  Gemini Twins Short Sleeve  Tops TeesIf you own a recreational vehicle or a serious off roading machine, then you are probably aware of all of the various devices and repairs that call for compressed air. For RV owners, the large heavy capacity tires that tee shirt printing in plymouth are used on these vehicles require large amounts of air pressure in order to remain inflated. For off road enthusiasts, compressed air is needed to refill tires, run impact tools and other onboard equipment. For both situations, a good Co2 air tank is necessary.

Air tanks are essential for motor home maintenance. Having a portable supply of compressed air that can not only refill tires quickly, but also power equipment that requires a source of compressed air such as impact wrenches is a must when traveling in a recreational vehicle. Co2 air tanks are a must-have item, especially since the most recent batch of class A motor homes now have tires that require high air pressure to be inflated.

Today’s modern class A motor homes are now being outfitted with large tires in order to handle the ever-growing weight of these machines. These tires are similar to the types used on motor coaches and tractor trailers, and often require very high pressures to remain properly inflated. Some trailer tires need as much as 90 pounds per square inch (psi) in order to be properly inflated, and the tires now found on class A motor homes require up to 135 psi for proper inflation. Ordinary air pumps are not up to the task of filling a tire this size in a quick amount of time, but it is possible to do so with the right Air Co2 air tank. Serious off roading fans will also appreciate a portable Co2 air tank, since such tanks can be used to power air tools that are used to make quick repairs, as well as quickly re inflating tires and reseating tires back on their rims. Some off roaders use on board Co2 air tanks to operate air-actuated axle lockers and air jacks. Having a Co2 air tank can save you time and effort when conducting roadside repairs.

Most Co2 air tanks are made out of either steel or aluminum. Aluminum tanks are lighter, but also a bit more expensive. You’ll see that the tanks are rated at 5, 10 and 15 lbs. This refers to the amount of Co2 that these tanks can hold. These tanks can be refilled at any venue that has a large source of liquid Co2, including paintball supply shops, welding shops and fire extinguisher service shops, and at an average cost of $10-$15 per refill, refilling is also inexpensive.

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