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Top Five Thanksgiving Crafts That Guests Can Wear

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Costumes may automatically be reserved for children’s parties, however, why not make your Thanksgiving party one to remember by having guests craft their own attire? There are many ways to make an adult feel like a kid again. From bobbing for apples to making hand turkeys, even old folks want to have a good time. Take a chance with the top five Thanksgiving crafts that guests can wear to your next gathering and enjoy!

1. Headgear. Paper Pilgrim hats so easy to make and decorate. Large Indian headdresses are beautiful to look at and can be made elaborately. Perhaps you can dictate headgear by families, gender, or personal preference. Having one family wear one hat and the other a different one, it creates a fun way to learn names! Nobody would have expected Thanksgiving crafts to be so useful.

2. Cornucopia. Another fun craft for a party with multiple tables is to have pins or nametags with a different food on it. Think of the fruits and vegetables within a cornucopia. Then, to seat guests, ask them to sit at tables only when the cornucopia is full of each type of food. For example, if there are five chairs per table, then create five different types of food to wear with each table representing each food.

3. Jewelry. For a feminine party, take a more sophisticated approach to wearing Thanksgiving crafts. Making earrings out of faux feathers or autumn colored beads is not only festive, but also fancy enough to wear every day.

4. Family Sweaters. We all have them. Those turkey covered sweaters that elder aunts or grandmothers have bought with much love and affection. Have guests wear these cute, but really hideous, outfits to your party but use the prints in another way. Perhaps patching a quilt together t shirts with funny messages to donate or stuffing pillows and stuffed animals is a better use of this craft than wearing them.

5. Plain White Tee. If your party is a gathering of old friends, then buy up some plain white t-shirts and iron on old photographs of t shirts with funny messages them right onto the front. Pass them out to guests with a black sharpie marker and encourage them to write on each other. Not only is this a great way to walk down memory road, but also these Thanksgiving crafts become easy mementos to keep!

Considering Thanksgiving crafts that you can wear may sound like a wacky take on a party, but can easily make your gathering the event of the year. Take this idea to whatever level you think your guests would be comfortable with! You can either set up a craft table for guests to make their own Thanksgiving crafts or make the favors yourself to hand out upon their arrival. Extend this theme with the invitations and party favors by making them instead of just buying them. You can be as vague or forward in requiring costumes at an adult party, but expect the results to be more fun than you ever imagined!

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