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Four Faithful, Beautiful Halloween Costumes-For Us Plus Sized Women

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Can you believe how popular Halloween has gotten over the last 10 years? People say they sell more decorations for Halloween then they now do for Christmas. The side effect for us plus size gals in all of this hoopla is that the manufacturers have decided to produce more plus size costumes for both men and women.

Men's Globular One Print Long Sleeve T ShirtsSo more than ever before, the selections are outstanding. But as we all know just because something is manufactured in our size does not mean it will feel comfortable on or be flattering to wear. That is a fact.

I don’t know about you, but I want to be comfortable in a costume and look spectacular besides. So here are some tried and true costumes that flatter, fit well when you need them to and still make any woman attractive and gorgeous.

1.Tavern Wench. This Halloween outfit, believe it or not can actually be a provocative costume. Traditionally this costume comes from the old English pub look, perhaps straight out of Dickens. While these costumes come with floor length skirts that taunt the imagination with what is t shirts musical designs underneath, the eye will favor above the waist. Comfortable corsets are worn cinched over an over sized white shirt which will usually have a low cut scooped neck revealing a plunging neckline. Many shirt designs are shoulder less to do even more enticing of the imagination. While accessories can be added, the costume says it all.

2.Hippie. This is an excellent Halloween costumes for those of us particularly on the plus side. With a long or modestly short skirt and flowing bell sleeves, this costume really says the 60’s like nothing else. This Halloween themed outfit generally come in really eye-catching designs and wild colors. You will have fun adding extras to make this a unique outfit. For instance by just adding on a simple headband, plenty of beaded necklaces, white lipstick (remember), heavy eye shadow along with some very simple flip flops you will have arrived in flower power style.

3.Renaissance Costumes. These are actually once more full length costumes nearly all featuring longer wide sleeves. A majority of these Halloween costumes are provided in dazzling simple shades that comes with shimmering fabric. These elegant period pieces replicating the Renaissance women’s clothing are a great way to stay warm and look terrific on Halloween. This is the most demure of the four costumes here, although this may be the best costume for the plus size gal wanting to cover up a bit more.

4.Cleopatra. Quite possibly one of the most provocative Halloween costumes out there, but not impossible for a plus size gal to wear. Seems as though Cleopatra had many styles of clothing from bedroom sexy to high queen royal according to the online retailers of course. You can find Cleopatra costumes that are floor length. Most are white and look like fresh, light billowing material that just flows comfortably. Which ever design you go for make sure you embellish this costume to the hilt with adding the famous eye makeup, jewels and arm bracelets that look like serpents, roman sandals and of course a fabulous head piece. Headpieces vary from beaded works to a crown, so pick which one you think might be the most comfortable for your evening out.

Any of these costumes are great because they:

1. Are timeless, everyone will know you are. 2. Are comfortable 3. Expose only what you want exposed 4. Easy to put on 5. Look great on everyone

Buying online is also not as intimidating as it used to be. Many online retailers are actually accepting returns if you are not happy with the product. So get shopping now. The downside is there are many more plus size costumes to choose from than ever before so it will take more of your time to sift through them all. But that is half the fun, isn’t it?

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