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Are Reusable Bottles Worth The Expense?

We all know we should drink more water. Some of us manage it pretty well, but too often it comes in the form of water bottled in single serve containers.

Men's Dandecellion Print Long Sleeve Tee ShirtIt’s good that you’re drinking more water, but when you look at the cost and waste there has to be a better option.

There most certainly is. You can buy a good quality reusable water bottle for a very reasonable price. Depending on your habits and the bottle you buy, it may pay back the expense in under a month.

There are a lot of great water bottle styles out there. My personal favorites are the stainless steel ones. With these, you don’t have to worry about what kind of liner is inside the bottle. Stainless steel has been known to be safe for a long time. You can even buy insulated stainless steel water bottles if you want your water to remain cold much of the day.

The cost of your water bottle will depend on the size and type you buy. You can get cheap ones for $5 or less, but often they are very lightweight and will break in time. Many are made of some sort of plastic or polycarbonate, and these just don’t last as long as the better quality stainless steel or aluminum varieties.

For your own health, I suggest looking for bottles that are not made of plastic, or are at least labeled as being free from BPA. t shirt simple minds BPA is a potential endocrine disruptor. It may have effects in the body similar to that of estrogen.

Aluminum water bottles are always lined. Sometimes the liner has BPA. Make sure you check the quality of liner if you choose an aluminum water bottle.

Using a reusable bottle for your water and other drinks also reduces the waste you create. Just think about the number of bottles you throw out when you go with disposable bottles. It’s quite a waste. They’re recyclable in the same way that other plastics of that type are recyclable, which is to say just barely. Plastic recycles rather poorly. Worse, a high percentage of plastic water bottles are never recycled at all.

Using a reusable water bottle can help your health in more ways than just allowing you to avoid exposure to chemicals leeching from plastic. It may also encourage you to drink more water. That’s great if you have a soda habit that you’ve been trying to break. Make water the most readily available drink when you’re at home or at work, and you’re likely to drink more of it. Think how many calories a day you consume in soda form. That’s what you could avoid by drinking water instead. Author Box Stephanie Foster has 1 articles online

Stephanie Foster reviews reusable water bottles at her site.

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