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I’d love to tell you I enjoy donating blood. It saves lives. It supplies hospital trauma centers. It makes a significant difference for those who have gunshot wounds, who need blood transfusions, or who will undergo surgery. And I’d encourage everyone to donate at least once a year.

That’s what I would say if I were a politician. The truth is… I’m not. So I don’t have to impress you with my words or deeds.

But let’s be real…

I’ve been donating blood for almost a year (my rookie year). The local blood bank isn’t going to entice me to donate more frequently because of the War in Iraq, a blood recipient’s life-changing testimony, or because my name gets an honorable mention on their website. I am not that easily amused.

What they have done for us hardened donors is offer a rewards program. Every time you donate you accrue points that can be redeemed for gifts from their Life Saver Store. The more times you donate, the more points you get. If you accumulate lots of points, you can get the nicer goodies.

But even that incentive has frayed around the edges because it takes over a year of regular donations to earn a gift that you won’t be embarrassed to show-off to your friends. I’m not kidding you. That charcoal tote bag from the Chairman Mao era just doesn’t match my wardrobe. For many of us, their rewards program loses steam.

Like a seasoned poker player, they’ve upped the ante…

Gripped with this reality, the good folks at the blood bank are offering instant rewards. It allows donors to feel instant gratification just striped t shirt canada like they used to when they received cash in exchange for blood. Offering instant bonus points, San Diego Chargers t-shirts, and entering in a car drawing have stirred more interest in the program.

Anytime the blood bank wants a spike in donations, they offer an instant reward. I know it works because it gets my attention every time. In fact, I’ve been striped t shirt canada guilty of holding off from donating until their next instant reward offer.

Am I just a pushover for the next instant deal? Maybe so. They’ve easily persuaded me every time. All of my doubts, questions and concerns about the blood bank seem to dissipate with the next instant reward offer.

Boosting your sales with instant rewards.

Many companies offer instant rewards daily. Casinos offer complimentary rooms, mail order companies offer gifts with purchase, and high-end seminar promoters offer a 50% to 90% discount option if you bring an associate.

With instant rewards, people will jump at your offer just because they don’t want to miss out on your reward. Really. It’s so powerful, they’ll convince themselves they’ve got to get what you’re offering even when they might not.

The more exotic the reward, the more response you’ll get. The more unique the gift, the more sales you’ll make. And the more in-demand the prize, the more customers you’ll attract.

I don’t know what I’ll do with the Chargers t-shirt I earned. One thing’s for sure, I wasn’t motivated to donate blood without this instant incentive.

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