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Ideas For Recycling Your Old T-Shirts

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T-shirts have a short lifespan, like every outfit they fade, shrink or sometimes the body of the owner change in size, or simply his/her taste. Obviously, no one will wear the same 5 year old T-shirt forever. A T-shirt your father gifted you when you were 10 years old, obviously won’t fit you now when you are 20; the question here is what do you do of such T-shirts – dump in the dustbin?

A lot has been spoken and written about recycling to resolve the global warming problem; still we haven’t understood the concept yet! Have you ever thought of recycling your old clothes? Never, I know! In fact very few of us tried doing this, while the remaining must have dumped it simply because they don’t know how to reuse it, or don’t want to waste their time and money on old products. But, did you know you can create something useful and valuable from these old items? You slim fit shirts south africa can convert your old T-shirt into a pillow cover, small bag or scarp. Amazing isn’t it?

You can even recycle your T-shirt to make it a brand new modish skirt or a one – piece. Here are a few things you can make out of your old T-shirts:

• T-shirt Blanket
• Round Rug
• T-shirt Bedsheet
• T-shirt recycled Handbag etc.

These items can be made out of the T-shirts, which you think is old and useless. ‘Making useful out of waste’ was taught to us in our KG class, but we haven’t utilized that skill; it’s time to do that!

Customizing your Old T-shirt:

You can even customize your old T-shirt in many ways. Making a customized blanket with some painting or message you want to convey. If you know fabric painting, use your skills here and create a masterpiece. A customized T-shirt may enhance the product you are trying to make with a personal touch.

Recycling is a great idea to look extraordinary without harming the environment.

Online stores with customization offer:

There are several e-stores online, which provides customers the opportunity to be the designer of their own clothes. They have the freedom to tweak products as per their choice, preference, comfort and occasion requirement.

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