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Many companies have their logos printed on t-shirts for their staff to wear as it can make them look more professional and if on the shop floor enable customers to distinguish staff from other consumers at a glance.

Choosing a colour for your company t-shirt can also monster energy clothing means 666 be an essential part of success as green is meant to be a calming colour and blue can be considered a cold colour but depending on the tone of the colour it is always a good idea to get the colour that you think looks better with the logo even if it means not choosing your favourite colour for the t-shirt. I am sure many people have chosen their favourite colour and then perhaps regretted it later after it has been printed and it is apparent that the colours on the logo and t-shirt clash terribly. In the case of Microsoft they chose to make the game boxes for their new console at the time, the X-Box 360 green for the reason that this is thought to be a calming colour.

When trying to get your company logo noticed try opting for bright colours within the design to catch people’s eye. For example if you had a yellow logo on a black t-shirt this would easily catch people’s attention. Just ensure however, that you do not choose a colour for the t-shirt that will completely swamp the logo making it hard to see at a glance let alone read the context of it.

The material when choosing a t-shirt is also an important factor. Having a lot printed for company purposes and then having the logo put on only to find that when employees wash the t-shirt that it either shrinks or loses its elasticity. Try going for materials such as 100% cotton as this is a very resistant fibre and will not shrink even when put in a dryer and is also lightweight. Remember to inform employees to wash and iron their t-shirt inside-out or this could cause the logo to fade if printed on. If sewed on then washing inside out will help to preserve the delicate stitching detail.

Another idea could also be to have your business logo printed at the front and then the name of your business and telephone number on the back of the t-shirt. In winter-time it might also be a good idea to have logos printed on jackets as if you are working outdoors people will see your business advertised on yourself.

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