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Utilizing The Football Tailgate To Your Advantage

From coast to coast, Fall is the time where football fans get excited and show their devotion to their teams. And because the weather in the early autumn months is crisp and cool, it’s a great time to get outside and tailgate at the games. Whether its high school, college, or the pros, millions of football fans are enjoying the pre-game as much as the game itself. Your company can take advantage of this enormous and exciting tradition with the use of well chosen promotional products.

No matter the size of the tailgate or the team, all tailgates have a few things in common. Fans in parking lots are eating, drinking, and, for lack of a better phrase, being merry. You could even call these activities the three cornerstones of tailgating. So in this article we’ll take you through how you can use these three essentials to kick-off a great football season with your clients, potential clients, and employees.

Eat. While there will inevitably be different sorts of food at every game, you can always count on it being there. Whether it’s a small one car party or an entire parking lot of people hopping from one station to the next, your company can promote itself by making game day even more enjoyable. For a cheap giveaway to gain new business, items like promotional napkins can be imprinted with your company logo and handed out to any fan. You’ll make game day a little cleaner, which will make them a fan of your company, too!

If you want to impress your current employees or clients, there are also more high-end products that you can use. For example, items like imprinted barbecue utensils or grills make great tailgate items. Your company can use items like these as part of an incentive program, or as a corporate gift. When they reach to flip over a burger, they’ll be reminded of how you made game day that much more fun. And when they pack up the car after the final play, your recipients will be able to use your products at home as well, which means you’ll have invested in a promotion that lasts year-round.

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Drink. Where there is food, there will be drinks. After all, no on likes to eat a burger without something refreshing to wash it down with. Unfortunately, many loyal fans either forget to bring cups or run out quickly. You can make the tailgate more enjoyable for fans by handing out promotional cups, complete with your company name and information. If you use items like stadium cups, they can be saved and used at home. More drinking-related annoyances that tailgaters run into are drinks that are either too hot, too cold, go flat too quickly, or just won’t open. You can solve these problems for them with items like promotional koozies, soda can lids, and imprinted can openers. Solve small problems like this on football day, and they’ll look to your business to solve even more for them. For higher-end items, products like coolers make great corporate gifts. They can be as small as a lunch box or big enough to hold dozens of cans- either way, they’ll certainly keep football fanatics happy.

Be Merry. As important as food and drink are to the tailgating football fanatic, taking advantage of the feeling of excitement that consumes game day is perhaps the best way for your company to reach out to fans. Giving them promotional products that bolster team spirit and make your recipients enjoy their day more are sure to be successful. Items like imprinted speakers to make a shirt more feminine play music will not only be appreciated by your clients and employees, but will get noticed by the surrounding parties of people. To make it easier to eat their tailgate food and relax, products like promotional folding chairs are ideal. Items like these have large imprint areas and can be used for years to come, making them a good choice for a gift to give to clients or employees.

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