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It’s Easy To Make Your Own Leather Motorcycle Vest

Women's Print Mosaic Earth Short Sleeve Tee ShirtWhen riding a motorbike, it is important to be safe and this is why it is advisable to wear a leather Men’s Illumination Custom Long Sleeve T-Shirt motorcycle vest. However they can prove to be expensive, especially once you have paid out for the bike, helmet insurance and so forth. The good news is it is easy enough to make your own.

If you do choose to make your own then you must use soft leather to make it as this is the only suitable material. You can choose between metal snaps or zippers in order to bind the vest. Make sure you have an old T shirt to cut around so you can build around it. Ideally you should have a front and back pattern. If you prefer you can have reversible patterns.

Using an old T shirt as a base is ideal as you cut around the collar and cut out the arms to produce a template for the soft leather. Cut out the leather and sew it together. Make sure it fits before you add snaps or zippers. Getting a different pattern can give you a reversible jacket which can be useful if you are in a hurry!

People who ride motorbikes often want to add badges, either to show allegiance to a gang or show where they have been. Ideally the badges should be made of hard wearing materials like denim so it can withstand tougher conditions. For the same funny tshirt names for holiday reason, funny tshirt names for holiday a badge will usually be sewn on rather than ironed on or it can be lost when traveling at speed.

Even if you buy your own leather motorcycle vest from a store you can add your own badges to them. Ideally they should be sewed on rather than ironed on as ironed on designs can come loose.

If you want to know more about making your own leather motorcycle vest you should look online for design videos and forum tips. There are also sites that can give you a basic guide to design and embroidery, as well as downloadable patterns.

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