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German Digital Printing Labels Trends

In Europe, 20% of the adhesive material processing in Germany. About 100 German Label Printing plant and Europe all export companies divide up the market, but not calm. High intensity of competition eventually ruled a buyer’s market.

Men's FORGE YOURSELF Custom Long Sleeve T-ShirtContinued low prices Label industry has experienced closures and mergers of constant change. Reduce the number of enterprises, so the whole paper, cardboard and film processing industry are in this trend. 2006 Label value sales grew by 4.5%. Processing the tonnage increase of 3.5%. People are guessing will raise prices. But in fact, did not raise prices because of low print run, printed finishing increases, use more paper and film alternative to reduce the weight per unit area, which makes the price continues to soften in 2006. However, satisfactory, although customers, lower prices and prices of the suppliers of materials, sales growth was higher than twice the national economic growth last year, corporate earnings have also increased.

New business areas Such as shrink sleeves, roll solutions, print film, and in-mold label sticker printing factory to open up new business. Many enterprises engaged in production and found that one can not take into account of this market gap. To make money, this area also needs a high standard of professional personnel. Remove the experts, the current large packaging company has expanded its product range, it has become a full field of interior products supplier.

To the point of sale for the final customer, product decoration continued attention. Self-adhesive label industry this is a good thing. Through the material, shape, color and function can provide a wide range of effects, so to maintain market share, might have succeeded.

German label manufacturers look to the future with optimism. As the domestic demand and exports in general the economy to support this optimistic view. Printed on the packaging and labeling of such a positive assessment of business climate and did not take long.

Label Industrial Development Aspect Trend of industrial development in recent years, label the following features: shorter delivery time and increase the diversity of species, increased color, in a label printing using different funny t shirts limited edition methods, special effects, additional functionality, more film alternative to paper.

These developments have continued, throughout the processing and manufacturing process needs more and more professionals. Customers requiring high-end labels, label manufacturers to meet customer requirements, and seek to provide new possibilities and efficiency. This development is global, and expand as the driving force of competition, customers themselves participate in this competition for its products.

RFID ( RFID ) Label indicates significance with the development trend. The adoption of this technology is very slow progress, but prices soon. “Security Solutions” department vigorously promote the popularization and application of RFID tags. Beverage label expansion of the business is completely different. Label this increase in market share, according to square meters show a huge volume of material.

Risk trends Label manufacturer for the trend, as the risk of the customer’s burden and risk transfer to the label supplier. The key question is: to extend the payment period; delivery less; to have no delivery obligation of zero inventory supply of free storage; internal processing of the high costs of claims settlement; parking pass costs up to a loss, this loss in the product recall can be achieved when more mass; annual round of price cuts; free extra services and procurement framework agreement, it is important obligation stipulated by the supplier.

Quite instructive that a large group of the fastest growing automotive sector is that due to bankruptcy must find parts suppliers sector. Bankruptcy because the risks of the product and the price and without adequate funding. This trend deserves special attention, legislators also caused concern in Germany this trend.

Global market mergers Years, centralized purchasing power, and will continue. Large group to reduce its number of suppliers. Therefore, the present medium-sized enterprises would also like to save costs. Classified according to the value of many class A and B providers in question. Current C-class, such as stickers are the focus of attention. In reducing the supplier, the selection criteria In addition to quality, service and prices, depends on its global supply capabilities. This move will lead to strengthening of foreign operations, international Cooperation And industry continue to consolidate. So label industry will continue to change the status quo.

Technology Innovation Equipment and material suppliers continue to work hard, can greatly improve the level of self-adhesive label manufacturer. Traditional printing methods to reduce the alignment time, materials and energy consumption. With each innovation can break through the quality, feasibility and limits of accounting. In addition to traditional printing methods, digital printing, label printing areas are settled, this is because:

1) Ink And toner getting better and better, and cheaper prices;
2) improved print quality; 3) plant covers an area of less than traditional printing methods;
4) is also less energy consumption;
5) the potential of the machine there are many price cuts.
Overall, this is to change the label in the next few years, the development of printing the image. Predictably, the label printed will be the integration of quality control with the digital and computer-controlled materials processing. At the same time preparing the course of printing, the process will be broken down into time blocks, and continue to optimize workflow.

Trends in Eastern Europe Recent years, the Eastern European countries, the machine manufacturer is a good selling area. The establishment of many modern sticker printing factory. Eastern European market to 15% annual growth rate of 3 times higher than the growth in Germany. The reason is that the cumulative demand and production transfers, especially transfers from Germany. This effectively promote development and enhance competitiveness, thus contributing to work in Germany. Eastern European neighbors, the government is expected to create new value in the country.

From Germany to Poland and the Czech Republic has stopped the supply of labels. This is from the Federal Bureau of Statistics on the sticker has been confirmed. However, from the Polish exports to Germany doubled in one year. Is the total imbalance. A moment later, but will reach equal.

Important in Eastern Europe sticker printing business in the international arena after the establishment of enterprises, bound in the lowest-cost local production, and mainly depends on the returns to investors. Although the decision in this regard, the German tax reform, but its neighbors in Eastern Europe Author Box gaga has 1 articles online

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