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Different Types Of Custom Rubber Stamps

There are several UK Companies specialising in making quality self inking stamps in the UK. They can be used effortlessly to imprint details of dates, addresses, return addresses and logos on to incoming or outgoing mail, invoices, cheques and company stationary. Custom imprints can be customised to an individual’s needs and may include the company’s name and address and even the company’s logo to make the impression of the stamps stand out.

Women's Rising Print Long Sleeve Tee ShirtThere are several different types available, self inking stamps re-ink automatically after each impression using a built in ink pad. Self inking rubber stamps are good for funny t shirts for dads reparative stamping and several thousand impressions before the ink cartridge has to be replaced. Ink cartridges can usually be changed with little effort to elongate the life of your self inking stamp.

Pre-inked are different, the ink used to create the impression is stored in the die (the die is the rubber part holding the design) and there is no separate ink pad. The pre-inked rubber stamp ink will last longer than the self inking ink but is more costly. The quality of the pre-inked stamp impression is better than that of the self inking custom stamp impression and can print text down to 5pt text.

Lastly there is the old traditional stamps. These are usually cheaper than the self inking or pre-inked stamps due to the ink not being in the stamp (a separate ink pad is required) and therefore one inkpad can be used with several traditional stamps. Men’s Custom BaNaNa SQUiD by Indigo East Short Sleeve T Shirts The traditional rubber stamp is usually not of as high a quality as pre inked or self inking custom stamps due to uniform pressure not being able to be applied when using the traditional stamp, and hence the imprint will not be as sharp.

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