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Should You Clip The Wings?

Should you clip your bird’s primary wing feathers? This is a debate that will go on forever. There are two sides to the story and compelling cases can be made for clipping as well as not clipping. Only you will be able to make the decision. Consider carefully both sides of the argument before you decide.

Some owners say that clipping the wings is akin to getting a haircut. The only problem is we don’t depend on our hair to get around. Your Parrot does. It is true the wings will grow back and it doesn’t hurt the bird when done properly. But even clipped birds have been known to fly away. Parrots a light and strong; designed to fly long distances with little effort. That’s why some bird owners advocate clipping not only the primary flight feathers but also the secondary feathers.

A parrot can live its whole life with clipped wings. It will have no effect on the bird’s insulation. Most breeders, however, advocate letting small birds learn to fly and to keep on flying until they are ready to move to their new home. That’s when the decision will have to be made. There are arguments for and against.

Advocates argue that a clipped bird is less likely to get away through an open window or get injured in the home. A flighted bird will be able to get to dangerous items in the home like toxic metals or a hot stove. A clipped bird will be easier to handle since it can’t fly away.

Opponents of clipping argue that a bird is meant to fly. A bird that is allowed to fly will have a stronger respiratory system. They argue a clipped bird has its best defense taken away from it; he is no longer able to get away from cats and dogs or other dangers. A bad wing clip can lead to plucking and sometimes in extreme cases to injury.

You’ll have to decide what’s best for your bird given the environment he will live in. Just be sure to consider the decision carefully. Maybe it’s to only keep your bird clipped for part of the year when the weather is warm and the windows are open. Consider the options and then decide.

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Matt Carver is an author and parrot enthusiast. Learn more about care of parrots and many other parrot care tips by downloading a copy of his latest book on Parrot Care.

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