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Pixie Haircut Gallery: Best Celebrity Pixie Haircuts Ever

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Pixie Haircut Gallery: Best Celebrity Pixie Haircuts Ever
Updated on November 2, 2016 Life and Luxury more Annie Lennox in a Short Pixie Haircut
Annie Lennox was popular in the 1980s for carrying off closely cropped platinum blonde hair while wearing full makeup like a screen siren would.

She had a strong, sexy look that photographed extremely well. Her talent and beauty are everlasting.


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This pixie haircut gallery displays the best celebrity pixie haircuts ever.

This style is not just a boyish cut. In some ways, it can highlight a woman’s feminine features more than any other haircut can. It is also a great minimum fuss hairdo.

Celebrities Sharon Stone, Ciara, Annie Lennox, Halle Berry, Winona Ryder, Emma Watson, Ashlee Simpson, Kim Kardashian, Pink, and Carey Mulligan are the stars of our best pixie haircuts gallery.

See if you’d like to try one of their styles for yourself!

Halle Berry’s Famous Pixie Haircut
Halle Berry is perhaps the most popular name on this list, especially for having short hair. It is less common to find a woman that looks better with short hair than long, but Halle Berry is one of the exceptions. She definitely has one of the best pixie haircuts I’ve ever seen. Here she models a flip pixie haircut.

Sharon Stone with a Pixie Hairstyle
Sharon Stone, in my opinion, has the best celebrity pixie haircut in Hollywood. Her small nose and feminine face shape make the haircut a perfect match for her.

Ciara Wearing a Pixie Cut with Long Bangs
Ciara, like Sharon Stone, has a feminine face shape. Ciara also smartly balances out the fullness in her face with a a pixie cut that adds fullness towards the top of her head.

Why do you want to try a pixie haircut?

It will show off my facial features or my neck

I want to look like one of my favorite celebs

I’m going for a more boyish look

It’s fuss-free

It keeps me cool in the hot weather
See results Winona Ryder with a Side Part Pixie
This pixie haircut gallery wouldn’t be complete without including the lovely Winona Ryder. During the 1990s, Winona Ryder and her short, short hair were the height of celebrity. Her pixie haircut has a side part and bangs combed to one side.

Emma Watson with an Old-fashioned Pixie Haircut
Emma Watson has the formal shirts style perfect face for the most traditional version of the pixie haircut. This style is minimalist with no long wisps or frilly edges. Men’s Print Cool Colorful Skull with Paint Splatters and Drips Short Sleeve T-Shirt In many ways, having a youthful face like Emma’s makes this haircut easy to carry off. You notice everything about her beautiful face as soon as you look at her picture.

Ashlee Simpson in a Pixie Cut with Long Bangs (above)
Ashlee Simpson was a fan of the pixie a few years back, and she wore it with light blonde hair. Even before she had plastic surgery on her nose, she looked amazing in this short cut.

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Kim Kardashian in a Pixie Haircut
I have to admit I never thought I’d see Kim Kardashian with a pixie hairstyle. She is so famous for wearing long hair that this move was quite unexpected. Kim wore this choppy pixie haircut quite briefly, almost modeling her mother’s short hairstyle. Kim looked great in this style and I wish she had kept it a little longer.

Singer Pink in a Pixie Hairstyle
Pink is often called tomboyish and is noted for having a tough persona, so what could be better for her than this cropped, straightforward hairstyle? It simply shows off her bright blue eyes and her attractive smile.

Carey Mulligan in a Layered Pixie Haircut
Carey’s hairstyle makes her look like she is headed for the beach with her blonde, layered locks. Carey’s famous pixie haircut is a great style to copy if you would like a feminine but short hairstyle.

Classic Pixie Cut Annie Lennox Sings
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AuthorLife and Luxury 5 years ago from South Beach, FL

It sounds like you have a lot of fun with changing your looks up. I love Ciara’s cut especially. Thanks for stopping by!

Kimberly Vaughn 5 years ago from Midwest

I love a good pixie cut. I have had several pixie cuts. I grow them out and then cut them again. I particularly like Ciara’s and Carey Mulligan’s.

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