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Cheap Beer Koozies Perfect On A Hot Summer Day

Not too long ago daddy’s little monster t shirt amazon a bunch of friends were sitting outside on a hot summer day grabbing their cans of beer or soda from the cooler. Being a scorcher of a day, you can imagine that that chilled beverage was warm within seconds. During that particular day, it made us start wondering if there was anything we could use to keep our beer chilled and not leaving it soaking in the cold icy water. We needed a way to keep it cold after being outside of the cooler. I bet many of you have had that same or similar type of experience. Well, from that day on we realized what we always needed to have if we were going to be enjoying the outdoors; it is of course beer Koozies. So we went on our hunt for more information.

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Although it is highly probable that everyone has seen these items before, they probably do not know what they are called, even I did not. Beer koozies are a handy little invention that acts as an insulator around your can. It is a sleeve which typically is made of foam. Cheap beer koozies can keep your beer or other drink cool for around forty minutes. Beer huggers (as they re also known as) are typically used on a can, but also can be used on bottles and even for hot liquids.

These can usually be purchased online, and almost always you will be able to order cheap beer koozies in whatever design, color or style you want. Beer huggers now can be used on bottles, and are also created to be foldable or collapsible. Today these items work on hot or cold drinks. You can get them custom printed as well and add custom images to them.

Sports teams are known to sell koozies at concession stands along with drinks. They will almost always have their team logo and slogan on them. Many sports programs will buy cheap beer koozies in a larger quantity to get a lower rate. Then in turn they can sell them for more profit.

Cheap beer koozies are not just used as promotional giveaway items anymore, now they are often given out at parties, social events, weddings, church functions, birthday celebrations and more. Don’t be surprised if you receive one in a birthday gift bag or even as a wedding favor. We see and hear about more people using them as gift items more and more often.

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