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Money As Motivation

Motivation is derived from the word motive which has the literal meaning of reason to Women’s Skull & Cross Guns Desgin Long Sleeve T Shirts do something. Motivation is a reason why somebody should do something. Motivation is generally linked to the word incentive which means to increase the productivity or output of someone to do something. Hence one can say that motivation and incentive go side by side. There are many means of giving incentive, out of which one is money. The other incentives include prizes, promotions, cash awards etc. Motivation is of two types i.e. positive and negative. Positive motivation is related to rewards and negative motivation is related to punishments.

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Money is the form of cash or currency that one gets as a reward for doing something. Money is paid as salary, cash prize and increase in salary or indirectly in the form of accommodation, other perks and privileges that normally includes free gas, transport, driver and even cooks/chefs etc. The limit cannot be laid as there is no end to the perks and privileges one would get against the services he provides and one create t-shirt logo for free can go to any limit while finalizing the agreement with any organization.

The services provided demands in return some incentive and usually that is money. Can we say that money is the basic factor of motivation for doing a job or providing a particular service? The answer is both YES and NO. YES because you are paid for something you have done. NO because that payment is not the only reason for doing a particular job or providing a service. As incentive and motivation go side by side similarly admissibility of money as motivation or not also goes side by side. Though money is the basic necessity and reason for providing a particular service but there are many other reasons which motivate you to continue a particular job or provide a particular service. A fully furnished house and free meals at home may not even satisfy you.

The other necessities of any service provider can be linked to some his following requirements:

– Job security
– Shelter
– Children’s education
– Progression in the job
– Honor and respect
– Other facilities

Is Money a Source of Motivation?
Well any service that you provide or any job that you perform, you require some cash in hand at your disposal for moving around, buy clothes, to meet the educational needs of your children and for entertainment as well beside many meeting many other needs. create t-shirt logo for free Hence even if you are provided all other facilities you still may not be sufficiently motivated to do something that requires extra time and effort. However, any other incentive in the form of kind or cash (cash is usually preferred) you can motivate someone to do something additional. It has also been experienced that money is the easiest form of motivation to be given and can motivate someone to do any sort of hard task easily.

While discussing the factor of money as a source of motivation it may also be kept in view that barter system could not last long as you have to carry heavy loads to get a small item like a shirt against a 10 kg bag of wheat. People today prefer cash to get in return of any service provided instead of something in kind. The reasons are obvious. Hence money can be termed as a basic factor of motivation.

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