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Is It Really A Family Treasure?

If something has been in a box under the bed for years, is it really a family treasure? If it is, get it out and see if there is a way to use or display it so that everyone can enjoy it. Real treasures don’t usually hide under the bed. Things are better if enjoyed. Sure, some things might get damaged or broken with use, but isn’t it better than never being used or enjoyed at all?

There are several opportunities here:

Men's  Print Boarding Vishnu Short Sleeve T-ShirtPut items on display. Work together as a family to organize a shadow box (a type of picture frame with space between the glass and the back of the picture frame. These are sold in department and craft stores in most areas.

Use things that have been given to you as gifts that won’t be a terrible loss if broken or misplaced. Today is a good time to start using the special soaps and lotions that have been given to you as gifts. Let the children actually play with games and toys that have been put up and never used.

A real treasure is best put in a lock box at the bank or in a secured safe. Really consider the benefits of using and enjoying the treasures around you. I grew up in a house filled with antiques. However, we used those things and were taught to use them carefully, but if something got broken by accident, it was stuff, not a person that got broken.

You can also give permission to yourself and others to use up things that one tends to set aside for a rainy day. Declare that rainy day time has come, so enjoy it today.
Have everyone take a look at what is hiding in their closet. Are there strange things growing in the back of the closet in your room? Chances are treasures are not hiding back there. Have a family work day and set aside several hours for each person to go through their stuff. Take out the things in the nooks and crannies of their rooms and make a fun time of cleaning up and tossing things that are broken or not being used.

This is not a time for nagging or blaming. Everyone gets an overload of stuff sometimes. It is important to family unity that each family member decides what is being tossed that is theirs. Doing the guilt trip here is not conducive to family unity. Treasure searching for family fun? Anyone see a pirate close by? Make it a game and enjoy.

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