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Funny Clothes And The Public

Women's Desgin Kill Bill Arcade Edition HD Remix Short Sleeve T-ShirtWhen it comes to wearing clothes people will pick and choose and will buy different clothes according to them and their personality. A lot of people will buy when their shopping normal plain clothes, wheres the fun in plain clothes you tell me?

Why you wouldnt wear funny clothes in the public:

People will choose to buy plain garments because there either still too young and are shopping with their parents. Parents will buy their children more plain garments because they know that if their child wears something funny in school then they could distract other children in learning. Or even worse if parents bought an offensive printed or rude printed clothes for their child, and they then wear that into school then the parents would get a call from the head teacher stating that their child isnt wearing appropriate clothes for school.

Any one shopping for clothes who are old enough to shop by themselves and without their parents will choose to buy clothes that are plain because of the sole reason that they dont want to attract any kind of attention. There are many people like that in this world you may come to know and some of you may even be surprised to notice that not everyone wants fame even if its as short as shopping at the local supermarket and someone points out hey you have an awesome t shirt. Some people just dont want t be noticed.

Why you would wear funny clothes in public?

Some people will wear funny clothes like funny t shirts out in the public because they simply want all the attention, the free attention that they can get. It may have a funny slogan printed or an image that can be seen from quite a distance away. Generally these sorts of people would be young and probably students. Why students? Well they want the attention of their fellow class mates so that they can all have a good laugh together when there all stuck in a lecture on a good afternoons day.

Even celebrities loves wearing funny clothes in public so that they can draw even more attention to them whilst having the biggest fame a celebrity will ever have. People wear funny clothes in public to get fame or more like to have their thirty seconds of fame.

Other people will buy funny clothes quite simply to make other people happy like a husband may buy funny t shirts for him and his wife for their anniversary and it may have printed Game Over with a picture of the man in a wedding suit and the lady in the wedding dress. So when they wear the t shirts out in public, people will know that they are married and its just an joke and a happy moment that the husband and wife would spend.

I personally think that it takes great courage to wear something funny in public, because not everyone wants fame and attention even if its for 30 seconds in the local town. How ever some people wear funny clothes in public even without knowing because they may wear these type of clothes normal in their day to day activities and they may have bi passed knowingly that they are wearing something funny in public.

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