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Silk Screen Printing Industry, Especially Web

Textile coloring, there are two main methods, one the most widely used staining (conventional staining), mainly on the chemistry of textile dye solution treatment, another method is to use the paint, the paint is not made of tiny colored dissolved particles to adhesive and fabric (liquid dyeing fiber material not included).

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Textile dyeing may at any stage in the fiber, yarn, fabric and garments were stained at different stages of King.

1, loose fiber dyeing – the spinning of fibers or loose fibers prior to dyeing, into a large vat, at the appropriate temperature dyeing. Color yarn they use a bulk fiber dyeing method (also have the effect of different fiber single-dye), commonly used in the woolen fabric.

2, tops dyeing – a fiber into yarn before dyeing, and as loose fiber dyeing purpose is to obtain soft color mixing effect. Top combed yarn and dyeing are generally used for wool fabric.

3, yarn dyeing – yarn dyed before weaving is generally used for color fabrics, sweaters, etc., or directly using the yarn (sewing thread, etc.). Is the basis for dyeing yarn dyeing. Conventional methods of yarn dyeing, there are three: yarn dyeing? Will loose yarn dipped in a special dye vat, this is the most cost-staining; dyeing? Package dyeing of yarn winding in a hole in the cheese, then a lot of cheese into the dyeing tank, dye circulation, fluffy effect and softness as yarn dyeing. beam dyeing? Is a large-scale roll dyeing, weaving manufacturing is made before the first beam (warping), the entire beam of yarn dyeing, such as joint pulp yarn dyeing machine and the warp beam beam dyeing equipment . As the beam, so more use for dyeing fabrics. But with the emergence of the beam off the tube, we can dyed yarn completed by the axis of bobbin yarn, dyed yarn to use this wider area, such as the reduction of indigo dye staining method most used, and only use beam dyeing solution can only be good, if not by the shaft off the tube, it is difficult to achieve.

4, piece dyeing – Dyeing of the fabric piece dyeing method, commonly used methods of rope dyeing, jet dyeing, jig dyeing, pad (not tie-dye) and beam dyeing. Do not go into details here.

5, garment dyeing – the clothing into nylon child, a bag loaded with the dye vat, a sustained agitation in the dye vat (Paddle dyeing machines). Garment dyeing and more suitable for knitting socks, T shirts most of the knitted garments, sweaters, pants, shirts and some simple clothing.

90 years since the high-tech advances, a large number of new materials, new techniques have emerged, and printing and dyeing technology meet the requirements of eco-Tex Standard 100 to meet the world textile consumption trends, prospects are very optimistic. Since the success of the foreign application of new polymer materials and their business costs down, the new adhesive paste and the additives accompanied by relevant, even in the silk fabric, but also the appropriate method of large-scale printing dyeing, the finished product feel, The brightness and color were stained with the dye printing or similar to, truly a super soft effect, expanded the scope of application.

Special printing: the further development and improvement of technology, there are foam three-dimensional printing, gold and silver powder printing, pearlescent printing, flash printing, burnt-out printing fake, reflective pigment printing, foil printing, coating cover printing, printing to spend the night, diamonds, printing, color printing and so on. Burnt-out printing

imitation: abroad (Japan, Italy, Germany) developed a special coating using printing paste, printing the fabric formation process translucent effect. The main group was divided into India and paste polyurethane, which can be used in palace fabric, cotton yarn Ward, nylon 66 and wool fabric, can be used in white on the ground, can also be used in color on the ground, increase the variety of colors and fabrics.

Foil printing: In recent years, very popular in domestic and international markets, and more for the production of women’s blouses or skirts, scarves and other Arab women, with your sense of Furama. The process is not complicated, but a special adhesive material to be imported, and expensive. Currently the adhesive has been successfully trial, the effect and import of similar import costs only 2 / 3.

Paint cover printing: imitation, also known as discharge printing, direct printing is the way paint, fabric dyeing effect was exactly like discharge printing methods. Indian sub-white paint cover cover cover printing and color printing, the former technology more mature, more applications, although the latter product to market, but often a cover to color and paint blending with the color when the hair color or feel problems can not be solved, especially red hue distortion often, that becomes yellow with red pink red phase. Solution should be of high quality adhesive, together with the smallest end of the color distortion printing paste made of flour, can be deeply colored fabric printed out soft, fastness good imitation of discharge printing fabric.

Flashing printing: Yes, the fabric printed with a flash metallic flower type, it can in some fleece fabric or light fabric, printed fabrics such as georgette and the flashing metallic effect, is to improve the textile additional pigment dyeing technology, new developments, in addition to continuous dyeing (pad) and dip coating (piece dyeing and garment dyeing) method of application is more active, the In recent years, the development of a number of suitable fashion, the market needed new technology that is pigment dyeing printing step fixation method (ie paint stain? drying? printing? baking), and pigment dyeing finishing one step (ie, after drying fabrics dyed by the resin, water-proof, water repellent, flame retardant, coating and other processing and then baked drying process), can greatly shorten the process, saving energy, promising.

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James Bryant Become a Fan Send Private Message Shoutbox James Bryant- 2010/10/10 09:25:50 am

I notice that you excluded tie dyeing. I really use the Procion MX Fiber Reactive Dyes in ways that very few people do. I have actually used the sodium alginate thickener that is widely used as a sort of quick mix gel that I silkscreen and paint with and get very nice, consistent results. I get very, very precise printing and painting detail out of something traditionally designed for dyeing alone. The end result is an obvious printed or painted image that is actually embedded into the very fiber of the shirt and will never fade. It is invisible to the touch and has a uniquely high quality appearance. Check out and for pictures of what I do and exactly how I do some of the easier stuff. Very nice and informative article. I learned a great deal. Thanks very much for this post.

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