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How To Combine The Traditional Screen Printing Digital Printing

Men's Desgin Tree Maze Short Sleeve Tee ShirtMany years ago, many people believe that the emergence of digital printing as a threat, especially for screen printing is, it is a terrible threat. Within 5 years will be the annexation of the digital printing screen printing, and even the Americans and Europeans believe that.

HC screen Special printing network Many years ago, precisely in 1994-1995, many people believe that digital Print The emergence of a threat, especially for screen printing is, it is a terrible threat. Within 5 years of digital printing screen printing will be annexed, even Americans and Europeans believe that. Fortunately, the face of this situation, there are other pragmatic, far-sighted people, such as the European Screen Printing Association (FESPA) and the Screen Printing Association (SGIA) Screen Printing of these the highest professional organizations, they identify and propose the best solution for the internal organization of their associations, integrated large format digital printing, then printing on their own within a combination of digital printing, digital printing will not Ershi Screen printed front of a tug of competition. I remember a number of international seminars and exchanges at the meeting, including the FESPA 1996 exhibition in Lyon, some practitioners of digital printing has to statistics, they claim, the survey results show that digital printing in the other printing process (mainly is a screen printing) of the positions in front of the expansion will be a breakthrough, but they forget the following three points:

1. Since the conversion such as printing the first drops of the jet speed or the speed of the mechanical and physical constraints, the digital printing technology will eventually at some point or will soon reach the limit;

2. They often claim that digital printing can achieve very high printing speed, but forget the actual print resolution is only 50dpi or 72dpi. Assumptions required to achieve the quality of the printing POP, that is 300dpi or 600dpi, printing speed will have to slow down the 6 to 12 times, 600m2 / h speed becomes 100m2 / h or 50m2 / h. In screen printing, our customers demand quality 300L / inch (120L/cm), often 610dpi, photo-like quality we need, compared to digital printing too slow;

3. Many of the digital printing process requires the use of the printing material must be pre-treatment, and in the printing is complete, we need another special finishing process, in order to print and play a mechanical role of physical protection, these finishing technology used in ink or coloring agents are very expensive, finishing process will increase the cost of printing products. In addition, they also ignored the screen printing process can be so fast to respond in the following areas.

1). Screen Printing and offset printing and other printing process, as full use of the advantages of digital technology, the pre-press process quickly realized all digital.

2). Screen Printing Technology developed a multi-color large format graphics printing presses and computer to plate system, network system, and comprehensively enhance and improve the screen printing technology, products, equipment and productivity. As a result, in 1996, 100 cases with a print run of live digital printing is cheaper, but by 1990, more economical print run digital printing down to 50, screen printing was soon back a lot part of the lost market. The present situation is not as optimistic as they predicted, screen printing in Europe and other parts of the world has reached relative stability. For many screen printing industry, digital printing has become necessary for them to supplement the business. Digital Printing Screen Printing has been accepted by the industry, and its existence is no longer seen as a threat, but a meaningful opportunity, that is, Why do we screen printing business into the digital printing field must be the reason. Let us now discuss the digital printing market. For the digital printing market, my view is that some medium-sized enterprises or sign screen printing manufacturer, they are about 20 to 40 employees, with some semi-automatic and fully automatic screen printing production lines for their choice of digital printing should be a piezoelectric inkjet printing, thermal ink jet machine, not. Thermal inkjet machine too restrictive, it can only be some of the traditional printing material printing. However, 50% of the piezoelectric inkjet printer to use Solvent Ink, there are environmental problems.

I have Italian friends suggested that the best purchase of advanced UV technology, piezoelectric Inkjet Printer The system can be a variety of printing materials printing, prepress and printing after the printing material without the need of specialized treatment. Author Box gaga has 1 articles online

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