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Appearance Is Affecting Beverage Bottles Sold (figure)

Supermarket refrigeration company by the exercise revealed that the five best-selling non- Wine Fine drink: Coca-Cola , IceMountain mineral water, PepsiCo , Volvic being human t shirts online pakistan mineral water and Qoo Juice Beverages (in alphabetical order).

Addition to the middle of this year appeared in the local market’s Qoo fruit juice is a new generation of drinks, the other is the traditional drink.

Traditional drink in the sales chart even if the status of a firm, these are called “new generation drink” beverage categories emerging, clearly has a very good market response.

Thirst-quenching drink is no longer only, or drink of the declaration?? Choose a cool, beverage packaging, equivalent to wearing a personalized jacket, told us: “I’m different!”

Packaging to attract consumers to pay attention to the light of this new generation of beverage popular style of Temasek Polytechnic Lecturer Chen Huili said: “The election is like a drink selected a badge, indicating that having more different. Special beverage packaging given stimulus, is not limited palate; alone in his hand on the impression that it was exciting.

“Is not the last beverage manufacturers such attention to product packaging, but with the increasingly fierce market competition, new products, particularly of course to the product image to attract new consumers, Honored Also update package, to avoid being eliminated. One way is to drink packaging design of the mascot, prominent beverage personality.

Life according to the characteristics consumers to create products Temasek Polytechnic lecturer Pei-Hua Wang from the Viewpoint of the new generation design of beverage packaging. She said: “The packaging is not only to the performance characteristics of the product, but also reflects the people’s way of life, to be able to attract the attention of consumers. Yinliao fact, each variation of its new generation of consumers locked, the expression of design information will According to the characteristics of individual consumers to be designed living adjustment. “trigger curiosity Japanese fashion hit is special packaging design novel for young people to please the most discussion. Among the numerous new generation of beverage, which is a favorite of local youth? “Qoo”.

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