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Art And Poetry: Seek And Hide

Arts and Design
Art and Poetry: Seek and Hide
Updated on November 12, 2016 Mohan Kumar moreMohan is a family physician, film and TV aficionado, a keen bibliophile and an eclectic scribbler.

Men's Cotton Bat Nectar Short Sleeve Tee ShirtContact Author Hiding in plain sight
There are some who choose to hide in plain sight. There are layers of paint and camouflage that they choose to adorn themselves with. It can be frustrating getting to know them. It can be even more frustrating falling in love with them.

Do you love someone who hides? Who wants you to seek them but every time you thought you’ve ‘found’ them, you know that they hide even more. You try to talk and you try to listen but you get very little back. You wish you could read their minds, source their innermost thoughts and emotions.

You are given flashes of insight, but never enough. You try to double guess, speculate and despite all frustrations you don’t want to give up because you love them. This poem is to all those who have fallen in love with a mystery and are on a perpetual hunt for clues.

Why does one hide and not open up? Is it that they like the air of mystery? Or is that they are unable to articulate their innermost thoughts?

Is it that they have nothing to share? That they fear that you would discover the empty space within? Is it fear or is it simply that they haven’t yet found the one they’d like to share things with?

Or is it something else altogether?

Emma Hack is a talented artist who has elevated body art to new heights. When I saw her collection of body art, I thought how well her work illustrated that feeling of hiding in plain sight. I felt they were a perfect accompaniment to batman t shirt man the poem in my mind.

Click thumbnail to view full-size Emma Hack
Adelaide artist Emma Hack gained global recognition from the music video for Gotye’s ‘somebody that I used to know’. Her body art techniques made that video a big hit. Emma gained much kudos previously for her displays and installations incorporating the human form into design patterns.

Her outstanding collaboration with the famed Wallpaper designer Florence Broadhurst gave her recognition a decade ago. Emma incorporated painted female forms that blend into the wallpaper background to stunning effect. These became her signature designs and gave her a global fandom.

With a series of shows across the world, further work with Broadhurst designs in Asia and the advertising industry hot on her heels Emma is now in huge demand.

Never one to be pigeonholed, she has reinvented her designs through variety of colours, incorporating animals and creating optical illusions in art installations.

An unusual and worthy talent indeed.

Seek and Hide
You surround me

Hiding in plain sight

Shadows in my light

You know how to

Change your colours

Blend into the scene

Keep on trying

To find the true you

Why do I stay keen

Where do I run

I can’t escape

Got me good and strong

I am unarmed

No hiding place

I won’t last so long

Feeling the heat

Moving closer

Moth to your flame

If you ask me

I’ve already lost

Crazy lovers game

Are you a puzzle

I need to solve

What’s the mystery

What’s the message

Between the lines

Is there future history

Am I missing

All the clues girl

Am I far from victory

You should know that

I wont give up

Summers turn wintery

Baby it’s a game of seek and hide

You know I do want you by my side

Love is such a crazy coaster ride

Ebbs and flows like a changing tide

You surround me

I can feel you

Hiding in plain sight…

I look around me

Still can’t find you

Shadows in my light…..


© Mohan Kumar 2014

Gotye’s Video illustrated by Emma Hack
© 2014 Mohan Kumar

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sendingDorothy 3 years ago

Thank-you for allowing me to read your wonderful poetry and to look at the great art work.

@midget38: thanks Michelle much appreciated.

@Anita lesic: thank you so much. Glad you enjoyed the poetry.

@nikki: thank you very much. Appreciate your visit.

@Dianna: thank you my friend for your kind words. Appreciate your visit.

AuthorMohan Kumar 3 years ago from UK

@mcbirdbks- thank you so much for reading and sharing- glad you enjoyed this.

@Daisy – you are too kind. I am pleased my efforts reach minds and evoke some reaction. Thank you so much.

@Tsmog: thanks Tim, glad you enjoyed this.

Dianna Mendez 3 years ago

Thanks for bringing this artist to awareness. She has interesting art work.

nikkij504gurl 3 years ago

did not sign in. but this is awesome. some great works of art you shared here. love the song and video at the end. and the poem very fitting.

Dream Lover 3 years ago from Zagreb

beautiful poem 😉

midget38 3 years ago

Art and poetry blend so well, as does the poem, Doc.

Tim Mitchell 3 years ago from Escondido, CA

Nice! Docmo. Thank you sharing your well composed article and creative, reflective poem of introspection. I am happy you introduced me to Emma Hack and her work. I like it very much. Again, Nice!


Daisy Mariposa 3 years ago from Orange County (Southern California)

Mohan (Docmo),

What an impressive article! Everything is beautiful here … your video, your writing, your poetry, the art of Emma Hack. Thanks for publishing this wonderful Hub.

mckbirdbks 3 years ago from Emerald Wells, Just off the crossroads,Texas

Hello Docmo. I have shared this and sent it over to Tweeter. Your selection of art is so very well suited to your poetry here. Your presentations are always top notch. You set the bar and no one comes close.

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