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Tips On Making A Neck Cooler

When your body gets overheated on a sweltering day, the simple way to be cool is with a neck cooler. Make a neck cooler of your own with just a few items that can be found at any craft store.

You will need:

  • 45 inches of cotton fabric
  • Fabric marking pen
  • One tspn polymer granules
  • Funnel
  • Sewing machine

1. Using a pair of scissors, trim the cloth to make strips. Trim the lengths to a width of 4.5 inches.

2. Utilizing a single strip, make a tube shape. Take the fabric right side in crease the strip in 2 equal parts.

3. Stitch a seam across the upper part at a width of 1/4 inch. Next, turn the tube right-side facing outward by rolling it. The seam should be on the inside and the printed side of the fabric should now face outward.

4. Bend the tube in its center and fold it. At this midway point, sew a seam.

5. Bend each side at its halfway point. The fabric pen is used to mark each seam.

6. With a funnel device, fill up the tube till it is halfway full. Add 1/8 tsp crystals to the tube on one side.

7. Sew a seam at the marked point. By making the seam it secures the crystals within the pouch made within the tube. On the side where you are planning to make the seam, put another 1/8 teaspoon of crystals. To seal off the new pocket, need to sew to final layer batman t shirt costume on that side.

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Working on the reverse part of the tube, again complete the last two steps again. Now you are half way through completing your neck cooler. Follow steps two to seven once again. This makes the other part of the neck cooler. Now two halves are completed, use third strip of the cloth to cover the two tubes. You need to sew the seam up at the top, and along both sides of the fabric to make a pocket.

Your neck cooler is now ready to be used. Polymer crystals can react to water by expanding and retaining the coldness of the water. Put cool water on the cooler and then wrap it around your neck. You will maintain a moderate body temperature due to the cool crystals.

There you have it, just a few simple steps to create your own neck cooler! Remember that crystals will expand when in contact with water, so don’t forget to allow some room for expansion in batman t shirt costume each pocket. Crystals stay cool for long periods of time due to this expansion.

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