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Top 5 Benefits

Screen printing has a lot of advantages and we will discuss the top 5 benefits of this method in this article.

1) Economical: It is the most cost effective method when it comes to manufacturing the large quantities. Commercial orders are usually in large quantities where same design has to be printed on hundreds of t-shirts. Another good example can be tarpaulins that are to be placed in some locality and many copies will be made of the same design. If you are a customer then there is every chance that the printing company will give you discounts on large orders as the company will be recovering its cost quite quickly.

2) Quicker Process: Electronic method of advertising can cost you a lot and it can take months to make a commercial too. The printing company will assure you to deliver the complete print as its colors dry quite quickly. You can quickly utilize the print after receiving it to attract your target audience and can increase your sale in no time.

3) Larger Prints band t shirt patchwork quilt and Designs: Digital printing may be in a huge demand today but it has some flaws too and inability to cope with large designs raises questions marks in the mind of the people who want large prints. Screen printing allows you to be more creative and you can choose the screen panel size according to your requirement and you can make adjustments Men’s Desgin QUEEN OF SKULLS II Short Sleeve Tops Tees quite easily. The end print will have no distortion in the texts or images.

Men's grunge Illumination Desgin Long Sleeve T-Shirt4) Wide Utility: This use of this method is not limited to the garment and fabric industry. Organizations use this method to print product labels and circuit boards. You may have seen different designs on balloons that make them more colorful. Those designs are made by this method as well.

5) Tough and Sturdy: The prints taken through screen printing are sturdy and tough and last for a long time. High quality colors are used in this method which do not fade or appear dull no matter how harsh conditions they have to face. You can get the most out of your investment as they last longer than you would want them to.
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Another advantage of Screen Printing method is that the environment friendly colors are used for printing in it, unlike the plastic inks used in other methods.

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