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Make Your Images Vibrant With Life

Women's HIDDEN HEART HORSE Print Long Sleeve T ShirtsYou must have seen a weatherman standing in front of a weather map or Spiderman in movies leaping from one building to another. Many of you know that a person standing in the news station or a hero performing the stunt is actually in front of a green color screen.

A photographer uses a technique that detects the green or blue color in the image and replaces it with any other picture. This is called chroma key photography. With band shirts with skirts this kind of photography, you can create images that are beyond reality. One can make a person look giant standing in front of the ‘Leaning Tower of Pisa’ and other such wonders.

In the world of chroma key, few things are essential requirements. One should have adequate footage for the background, which is the scenery that has to replace the green or blue color background. It is hard to say that the blue color is better than the green as the choice mainly depends on the subject. It is important that the subject should contain as little of the screen color as possible whether in their clothing or as part of an object. For example, if the person has blue eyes then a photographer should choose a green color screen.

Another way to decide the color scheme is, for example, when the background is a green hilly area you should opt for a green color. If you want to make sea as the background image then you can use blue color. Foreground footage is the subject. A well-lit color screen is preferable so that it is the exact color all the way across. Shadows caused by poor lighting can result in a video or a picture with floating objects and blotches. A person should also be careful with the foreground subject lighting. The subject properly lit helps to define its outline well.

If the subject brightly lit, then some light will reflect off the background producing visible circles in the final combined movie. A subject should not be too close to the background screen. This is to avoid shadows, which disturb the uniform color of the background. After taking the photograph, a new image can merge at the background. When the two images placed, your subject suddenly transcended from a large blue or green screen to anywhere you want with limits being your imagination.

From professionals to the lovers of photography can use the green screen technology, which helps them to free their creativity beyond limits.

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