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Make Soda Pop At Home With Your Bottled Water

If you own a bottled water cooler or a plumbed in water filtration and serving system and are trying to remember to drink more water, good for you! But when you want an occasional fizzy treat, you can actually use your bottled water cooler to help you make soda pop beverages at home.

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Many bottled water cooler companies now sell machines that help you make soda pop at home. Small and compact machines hold cartridges that make the fizz and you can use them with your bottled water for fresh tasting fizzy drinks for the whole family. Don’t use them with tap water, though. Your water cooler’s clean and fresh-tasting water does a much nicer job!

Fizzy Drinks at Home

If you want a fizzy drink to make at home, here are some options

Fruit soda: Use a fruity flavoured syrup with your water and make a drink.

Ice cream floats: Mix your Root Beer, Cola, Fruit, or Chocolate flavoured soda with a scoop of ice cream and you’ve got a great dessert!

Wine Spritzers: Wouldn’t it be nice to make a spritzer at home? Take your favourite wine and blend it with some fizzy water. No need to go to the pub and pay for a spritzer.

Have a club soda / soda water. No syrup required! This can be a great zero calorie fizzy drink. Feel free to squeeze in some lemon or lime and garnish with a wedge.

Mix with fruit juice. You don’t have to always buy the soda. All you need is a working cartridge with your soda machine and you can make soda pop that’s healthy. Great for kids who want to drink pop and great for Mums who don’t want unhealthy drinks to become a habit.
Cost Comparisons

If your family buys a lot of colas and other pop, you’ll see a cost advantage with one of these machines quickly. When comparing soda machines to soda from the store, there’s a substantial difference! And using bottled water for it means that it’ll taste better and be clean. There’s an environmental benefit, too. You won’t have all those empty pop bottles or aluminium cans to deal with for your recycling or your trash.

Sure, pure water is a habit you should get into. Once you stop drinking so many carbonated beverages, you rely on them less and start to crave water rather than cola. But for the occasional treat and for parties, you may like having the ability to make your soft drinks at home!

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