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Tips On How To Create Your Own

Bunny costumes are popular several times during the year. They may be used at either Halloween or during the Easter season. If you need a bunny costume, you will find that they are easily made.

An easy way to make the costume without sewing is to begin using gray sweats. The sweats form the body of the suit. Other than the sweats including a hooded shirt without a zipper, you will need fusible web, pink or white felt and material that matches the sweats to form the ears.

For the bunny’s belly, you will need white or pink felt. The belly is cut in the shape of an egg and attached with fusible web. This material can turn the felt into an iron on just by following the package directions. Attach the large egg to the sweatshirt. Allow about one-forth of the egg to hang below the hem of the sweatshirt to extend the belly of the bunny.

Ears can also be made using fusible web. The outer ear needs to match the sweat suit body and may be cut from discarded sweats. Men’s Desgin boreal aurora bear Short Sleeve Tee Shirt The inner ear should match the belly. For ears that stand, you will need to stiffen the ears using cardboard or fabric interfacing. The web will army t shirt malaysia attache to either easily. Then glue the ears to an inexpensive headband. Slits cut in the hood allow the ears to stick through. Floppy ears are simply fused together and then fused to the hood.

A large white pompom makes a great bunny tail. Look for them at a craft store. If you cannot find one, try gluing several cotton balls together or make your own pompom using white yarn. You will find instructions for making you own pompom on the internet. You will want a three to four inch tail for the bunny.

Discount 100% Cotton Design SPACE SQUARES Children's T-shirtUse face makeup to paint the whiskers and nose of the person wearing the suit. Make sure that they have the bunny attitude and these Easter bunny costumes are sure to win a prize.

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