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Men’s Board Shorts

Boardshorts are typically the most preferred choice of beach wear for most guys. Men do have a wide choice of other beach wear they can opt for such as the tight and skimpy speedo, your bog standard run of the mill swimming trunks, and of course typical swimming shorts, which in reference to style isn’t too far removed from boardshorts, or boardies as some call them. So why do most men choose boardshorts over all the other options they have available to them?

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Board shorts are a perfect manifestation of comfort and style. Any guy in board shorts instantly looks great, the different style and designs that are available means you can always find a board short to suit your taste and your body. The surfer look is a style that a lot of guys adopt and strive for, it is a look that is easy to take on and looks great, with the all over great tan, the floppy hair, the casual and laid back shorts, a t-shirt (or no t-shirt), and flip flops, easy and army navy game 2015 t shirt very cool.

Boardshorts aren’t just for looking good.

Because board shorts are so fashionable and look so army navy game 2015 t shirt great it is easy to forget that they are infact important items of sporting clothing. First created and designed by surfers they are perfect to go surfing in. They are light and durable in the water and sun, they are loose and let you move around easily when you are on the board, and they are quick drying and comfortable which when you are in and out of water combined with the sand from the beach is usually quite hard to pull off!

All the different brands of board shorts for men

There is a vast choice of board short brands to choose from, and they all give a little something different to their boardshorts. Some of these brands include Animal, Rip Curl, Billabong, Roxy, and Quicksilver. Have a search online and in the shops at the different styles available within these brands, depending on your body type and your taste you will prefer one brand over another, but all of them are purposefully designed for surfers and are perfect for life on the beach.

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