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Shirt Screen Printing Expressionism Or Collectable Fine Art?

What image comes to mind when you think about screen printers or see t-shirts with screen printing? Is your only mental picture that of a custom screen printed t-shirt with a logo or a cute saying of some sort? If so, you are not alone; but, you may be surprised to learn that screen printing has a very long and illustrious history.

Men's I Enjoy a Good Book Print Long Sleeve T-ShirtYou have probably heard of Andy Warhol, a distinguished artist who was known for his screen prints. He was famous for a wide range of effects and artistic achievements in this medium. He was arguably a significant influence on what developed into the current decorative clothing industry. Today, screen printers may specialize in decorating apparel and other items; or, a screen printer may utilize the screen printing medium for his or her artistic outlet.

Be honest now. What do you know about the origins of screen printing? Very few people are aware that the development of screen printing in the West can be traced back to two very early sources in history. One source is rooted in the origins of what we know today as stencil making. The other was the development of ink and fabrics through the centuries.

Early stencil use has been discovered dating back to the period of around 10,000 B.C. The Middle Ages saw the development of stenciling into the early forms of screen printing as tar was painted on cloth stretched and dried to produce a sort of negative stencil. Once the tar was dry, paint was forced through the sections of cloth free from tar to decorate banners and uniforms for the Crusaders.

In the nineteenth century, the use of Japanese wooden frames in the West allowed mesh material to be used. This fine, mesh fabric allowed more intricate designs to be accurately reproduced. In the early twentieth century, there were additional patents issued which blended the use of stencil technique with ink and fabric techniques.

The more recent and final developments were societal in nature. Today’s screen printers can thank the era of free speech and individualism in the mid and late twentieth century which encouraged the use of clothing as a media for personal expression.

Go ahead and take a stroll through a casual clothing store. When you do, you will find literally thousands of choices to express yourself with the words or graphics on any number of items of clothing. And, of course, if you cannot find the right expression or design, commercial screen printers can produce a custom screen printing design just as you envision it.

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C L Moore has an extensive collection of screen printed t-shirts. Through the years, he has found that the subtle statements and beliefs he can express through the use of screen printed clothing are the best way to get his point across without being too confrontational. Custom screen printed shirts are a great conversation starter in public places. You, too, will find it easy to express yourself through the use of a custom screen printer design shop. Begin, or add to, your very own collection of screen printed items, with your favorite logos and sayings, at

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