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Beer Koozies That Keep Your Drinks Chilled

A koozie, beer sleeve, stubby holders, beer huggers, can coolers or a beer hugger is a simple, brilliant device made of fabric or foam that keeps your drink cool and your hands warm. Its effective design, created in 1982, which keeps your beverage chilled even when it is outside of your freezer or cooler and at the same time acts as an insulator to keep your hands warm. Critics would say that calling it a “beer koozie” is a slightly incorrect term since animals are friends not food t shirt it is not only for alcoholic beverage but used for any bottles, cans and even animals are friends not food t shirt coffee mugs.

Beer Sleeves are used as a Promotional Tool

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Because of its convenience, affordability and practicality, many large companies use koozies as an effective tool for marketing. Because of its practicality, market strategist figured it is a great way to bring a company logo to any household. To serve as a fun way for entertaining and a promotional piece, companies have their logo and brand imprinted on the cooler.

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