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Tips For Designing A Custom Baseball Uniform

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If you are in charge of a school sports team, you will know that sometimes it is better to design your own uniform and pay to have it made rather than looking for a stock uniform from a supplier.

Suppliers might not have the colors that you want and they might charge you premium prices. Therefore, you should find an online store that will meet the needs of the school and will deliver the uniform on time.

If you are in the process of designing your school baseball uniform, then read on for some tips on how to get it right.


If you are struggle with the design process, you could always ask the design students to design the uniform for you. You could say it was a competition and the winner would get a prize. You would have to make it a good prize otherwise it wouldn’t be worth the effort.

A good thing about this is that you are encouraging students that might not ordinarily be interested in sport. Plus you are raising school spirit.


If you are designing the uniform yourself, the first thing that you need to think about is that you should use the school colors, especially for the home uniform. For example, if your school colors are red and yellow, then the home shirt has to be red and yellow.

With the away shirt, you will have more freedom so you might want to look into the history of the school and see what colors they have used in the past. It might be the case that when the school first opened, they used completely different colors and you can pay tribute to the old ways by having the away shirt in those colors.

If the colors have always been the same, then you can pick any color that you want really. However, you will have to try and incorporate these colors into the school in some way.

Some schools actually just do a reverse of the home shirt because the home colors are easily recognizable as that team. For example, if your home shirt is red with yellow accents, then you should have yellow with red accents for the home shirts.

However, there are some colors that don’t look good as the main color of the shirt. You will want to make sure that the shirt is fashionable. You don’t want the team to look stupid when they walk onto the field.

For the pants, it doesn’t really matter what color they are. You can animal lumberjack hooded shirt have them as plain black or white because they will match any shirt color. Or, if you want the entire uniform to match, then you should have the pants as the same color as the home shirt.

If you color match the pants, then you will have to buy separate pants for the home and away shirts. This could end up costing you a lot of money.

If you have to stick to a strict budget then you should buy a neutral color for the pants and wear them with the away and the home shirt.


If you are still not sure what you are doing then you should contact the online store and ask them for advice. They should have no problem giving you information about the design. They might even advise a better color scheme for the away uniform, or the embroidered lettering.

Furthermore, they might suggest some products that will make the players feel more part of the team. Some schools have the same sports bags and letter jackets for school teams.

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