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Continuing the occasional transcription of Ralph Mollet’s account of the Occupation of Jersey, this extract takes us as much as the purpose when the Island was occupied.

Women's Desgin OM Tribal Geometry Short Sleeve Tee Shirt“He requested me how long the British had occupied the Island. I replied that we conquered England in 1066. He smiled.”

Ralph Mollet’s reply to the German Officer is one that, as a schoolboy, I learnt as a commonplace piece of Jersey lore, because of course, Jersey had been part of Normandy. However until pretty recently, I didn’t know precisely how substantial that claim was – if it was, for example, just a declare that Jersey was a part of Normandy, and hence because the Normans invaded England, so Jersey was a part of that by proxy. In reality, as Rosemary Hampton reveals in “A Jersey Household”, there have been Jersey families who went over to England at the time of the conquest.

In 2005, as a part of the native Senatorial elections, there was a referendum on whether Jersey ought to adopt Central European time. This was rejected by by seventy two.4% of those who voted. The proposition itself, and a lot of the arguments, scarcely mentioned the Occupation – I have had a quick skim of the information stories, and there isn’t any mention there of the Occupation in all the principle stories and reports. And yet the Island did have Central European Time throughout the Occupation. Throughout a period when hyperlinks with England have been reduce off, and most communication, especially by the German forces, was to Europe, this made a lot of sense, extra so than it did recently. The German Officer (Captain Gussek) seems to have been unaware of Jersey following British time, which led to a mix up on times with him meeting the Bailiff.

There was promptly a raft of orders, of which the most significant as far as the Island’s governance was involved, was that the orders would be “registered in the records of the Island of Jersey” and “Offences towards the identical, saving those punishable below German Navy Regulation, shall be punishable by the Civil Courts”. This neatly placed a part of the accountability for compliance with German orders in the arms of the Jersey authorities, and led to what Paul Sanders called “the corrosive character of Nazi rule” where “many administrations that began out with a pristine record grew to become increasingly tainted as they went along with incessant German demands, trapping themselves into logics which that they had not foreseen and which supplied
no exit.”.

A case which exemplifies this is given by Sanders:

While investigating a robbery in late Could 1943 the St Saviour’s honorary police obtained data from neighbours that a James Davey had a number of wireless sets at his residence. And indeed, after they adopted up this information, they discovered three wireless sets, two of which were the property of a second man, Frederick Web page….. The police now faced the dilemma of either submitting a report which might result in the prosecution of a fellow islander or running the chance of a denunciation to the Germans that the island police had been defying their orders; the chance of which was elevated by the fact that the police investigations emerged from a neighbour’s quarrel and that the invention of the wireless units was known and customarily talked about. The dilemma was aggravated by the truth that since the passing of an ‘Order for the Safety of the Occupying Authorities [sic]’, on 18 December 1942, the authorities were obliged – underneath risk of punishment – to sign to the Germans all information which came to their consideration bearing a relation to infractions of German orders.(1)

This was the darkish side of the Occupation, that the forces of justice had been co-opted into working with the Germans. The notion, as expressed in the Jersey Legislation Overview of 2004, that the Islands “are entitled to take pleasure in authorized systems which have an unbroken historical past of at the least 800 years”(1) airbrushes out these five dark years, when the authorized methods were twisted and bound below the Nazi yoke.

Jersey Beneath The Swastika by Ralph Mollet

When a German airman saw the indicators of surrender, he landed on the air port, and was advised that the Island was ready to adjust to the phrases supplied, and at 3.30 p.m. another plane landed, and requested for the Bailiff to satisfy a sure number of planes at 4.30 p.m.

The Bailiff, the Legal professional-Normal, and the federal government Secretary met the planes at the air port. The German Commander Obernitz was in cost. When the Bailiff; returned to his chambers, he stated that a German officer would arrive on the chambers at to a.m. the subsequent day.

The Occupying Drive, all air borne, of about one hundred men was beneath the command of Hauptmann Gussek. The Lawyer – General then conducted the officers to the Publish Workplace Instrument Room (communication with England had been lower off at 8.15 a.m.), and to the City Hall (to be occupied as the Military Headquarters), and obtained billets for the males at various motels.

The day passed without alarms, and was a relief, because the tension throughout the previous few days had been very great, nearly equal to the times of the panic of the previous week

Tuesday, July 2nd. The white flag was flying on all public buildings and nearly all of homes throughout the Island, and early in the morning troops with machine guns were already posted at various components of the city.

Once i arrived within the Square at 9 a.m. I noticed a German officer with a civilian (an area German resident, C. Specker) strolling up and down the Square. A resident came up, and told me that the German officer was searching for the Bailiff. I made myself recognized to this officer Captain Gussek, through his interpreter. The Captain saluted and shook fingers. I american flag shirt tumblr stated that the Bailiff expected him at 10 o’clock. He replied that it was already 10 a.m., Central European Time. I without delay performed him to the Bailiff’s chambers; my feelings and ideas have been troublesome to describe. He asked me how lengthy the British had occupied the Island. I replied that we conquered England in 1066. He smiled. He produced to me an ordnance map of Jersey, and asked the place he might obtain comparable maps. I despatched the porter out to buy some; he mentioned he would pay for them. The Bailiff arrived shortly afterwards, and along with the Legal professional-General, the federal government Secretary, and another officials, conferred with Capt. Gussek. The Bailiff then got here out and mentioned in a loud voice: “Haul down the Flag of Surrender.” I handed this on to the States Engineer and to the houses situated within the vicinity, and in a short while the flags were hauled down. A German Flag was hoisted at the Fort Regent Sign Post for one day, after which it was flown on the Albert Pier Head completely, as well as at the Town Corridor; no flag was flown on the Courtroom Home.

The following orders have been then issued by Capt. Gussek:

1 All inhabitants should be indoors by 11 p.m. and must not depart their homes earlier than 5 a.m.

  1. We are going to respect the population of Jersey; but, ought to anybody attempt to cause the least bother, critical measures will .be taken.
  2. All orders given by the Military Authority are to be strictly obeyed.
  3. All spirits should be locked up instantly, and no spirits could also be equipped, obtained, or consumed henceforth. This prohibition doesn’t apply to stocks in personal houses.
  4. No individual shall enter the Aerodrome at St. Peter.
  5. All Rifles, Airguns, Revolvers, Daggers, Sporting Guns, and all different Weapons whatsoever, besides Souvenirs, must, along with all Ammunition, be delivered at the Town Arsenal by 12 (noon) tomorrow, July third.
  6. All British Sailors, Airmen, and Troopers on go away, together with Officers, in this Island must report on the Commandant’s Office, City Hall, at 10 a.m. tomorrow, July third.
  7. No boat or vessel of any description, including any fishing boat, shall leave the Harbours or another place the place the identical is moored, without an Order from the Army Authority, to be obtained at the Commandant’s Workplace, Town Corridor. All Boats arriving in Jersey should remain in Harbour till permitted by the Military to go away. The crews will stay on board. The Grasp will report back to the Harbour Master, St. Helier, and will obey his instructions.
  8. The Sale of Motor Spirit is prohibited, besides for use on Important Services, resembling Doctors’ Vehicles, the Supply of Foodstuffs, and Sanitary Providers, where such vehicles are in possession of a permit from the Navy Authority to acquire provides. The usage of Vehicles FOR Personal Purposes IS FORBIDDEN.

10. The Black-out Rules already in pressure must be obeyed as earlier than.

  1. Banks and Shops shall be open as before.
  2. . In an effort to conform with Central European Time all watches and clocks must be superior one hour at eleven pm TONIGHT
  3. . It is forbidden to listen to any Wireless Transmitting Stations, besides German and German-Controlled Stations.
  4. . The elevating of costs of Commodities is forbidden.

The German Commandant of the Island of Jersey
July 2nd, 1940

The subsequent day all members of the British Forces paraded at the Town Hall, practically all in civilian gown, largely men who had crossed through the evacuation to see what had turn out to be of their family, and had been caught right here. About ninety gave in their names, and paraded every day, until they have been interned within the camp at Grouville, and then despatched on to Germany as Prisoners of Struggle on the 27th July. The following few days the inhabitants started to settle down, the Bailiff being in day by day conference with the Commandant at the City Corridor.

On July the 8th the following Proclamation was issued:

Orders of the Commandant of the German Forces in Occupation of the Bailiwick of Jersey. Dated the 8th day of July, 1940.

  1. The German Commandant is in shut contact with the Civil Authorities and acknowledges their loyal co-operation.
  2. The Civil Government and Courts of the Island will proceed to perform as heretofore, save that all. Laws, Ordinances, Rules, and Orders will probably be submitted to the German Commandant before being enacted.
  3. Such legislation as, in the past, required the Sanction of His Britannic Majesty in Council for its validity, shall henceforth be legitimate on being accredited by the German Commandant, and thereafter sanctioned by the Bailiff of Jersey.
  4. The Orders of the German Commandant, heretofore, now, and hereafter issued, shall in the end be registered in the data of the Island of Jersey, so as that american flag shirt tumblr no individual might plead ignorance thereof. Offences in opposition to the identical, saving these punishable below German Army Regulation, shall be punishable by the Civil Courts, who shall enact appropriate penalties in respect of such offences, with the approval of the German Commandant.
  5. Assemblies in Churches and Chapels for the purpose of Divine Worship are permitted. Prayers for the British Royal Family and for the welfare of the British Empire may be said. Church Bells might ring ten minutes before Service. Such Assemblies shall not be made the medium for any propaganda or utterances against the honour or interests of, or offensive to, the German Government or Forces.
  6. Cinemas, Concert events, and different Entertainments are permitted, topic to the conditions set out in order No. 5 above.
  7. Prices should not be increased or decreased. Any shopkeeper offending in opposition to this order is liable to have his store closed, and also to pay any high-quality that may be imposed by the Competent Authorities.
  8. The sale and consumption of wines, beer, and cider is permitted in such premises as are licensed; by the Civil Authorities.
  9. Holders of Licences for the sale of such intoxicating liquors (wines, beer, or cider) shall take the most rigid precautions for the prevention of drunkenness. If drunkenness takes place on such licensed premises, then without prejudice; to any other civil penalty the Island Police shall and are hereby empowered to shut the premises.

10. All traffic between Jersey and Guernsey is prohibited, whether or not direct or oblique, for the time being (different Regulations will observe).

  1. The speed of Exchange between the Reichsmark and the Pound has been fixed at Eight Marks to the Pound.
  2. . The Continuance of the privileges granted to the civilian inhabitants depends upon their good behaviour. Navy necessity however could infrequently require the Orders now in drive to be made for stringent.

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