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How To Increase Your Memory

A strong memory is absolutely mandatory if you want to excel in school, in your career, in sales, or almost every aspect of life. In fact, even on a purely social level, having a strong knack for matching faces with names will help you gain lots of friends throughout your lifetime. Make no mistake about it-a strong memory can take you far. If you would like to boost your memory skills, you have to realize that memory recall is a product of two key factors: your mental hardware and your activities. You have to take care of both of these if you want to boost your recall powers.

Reduce your stress levels

Men's Great Scott Custom Long Sleeve T-ShirtOne of the most important factors affecting the brain is the level of stress it is under. Stress can come from many different sources. If you don’t sleep right, you stress your mental hardware. If you have a tough time forgiving people or if you tend to carry a grudge you stress your mind. If you have lots of commitments and obligations competing for your time, you get stressed out. To increase your brain’s ability to store and retrieve information, you need to minimize your stress levels. Make sure you get enough sleep. Don’t compromise-train yourself to sleep eight hours a night without fail. Learn to forgive and let go of past slights. Take up simple meditation or breathing exercises to clear your mind. Don’t take your work home with you. Give your brain some space and time to unwind. With less stress, your mental hardware can store more information and retrieve it faster.

Eat the right food

Eat lots of fruits and nuts. Nuts like walnuts contain healthy fats that are great for your brain and nervous system. Increase your omega three levels by eating a healthy portion of flaxseed, kidney beans, pinto beans, walnuts, soybeans, pumpkin seeds, broccoli, and spinach. Eat healthier. Avoid foods that are high in polysaturated fat and cholesterol like red meat, ice cream, sour cream, cheese, butter, whole milk, and red meat. Healthy foods help decrease hypertension and decreases your chances of developing Alzheimer’s.


If you want your brain to fire on all cylinders and work efficiently, you need to boost your internal blood circulation. Sluggish circulation can often lead to fuzzy thinking and less than optimal brain function. Boost the oxygen level flowing to your brain by exercising daily. You don’t have to run a triathlon to get the healthy brain boost you need to increase your memory. You can just walk briskly around your block for 30 minutes a day to boost your blood circulation.

Hang out with friends and family

Engage your friends and family in daily conversation. Hang out. Have a good time with them. Bonding with and exchanging stories with other people boosts your mental processes and keeps your brain in tip-top shape. Why? To carry on a decent conversation, you have to absorb information, process it, and send out new information. This jogs your mental processes and helps improve your memory since you need to retain certain bits of information in order to carry on a good conversation. The give and take of a good conversation among friends helps the brain exercise its memory functions. The more you socialize, the more you exercise your brain. Your brain is no different from the muscles of your body. The more you fail 8xl long sleeve shirts to exercise, the softer and the weaker your muscles get. When you hang out with friends and family, you exercise your ability to recall details. When you keep this skill finely honed, it has a lower chance of rusting out with old age.

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