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When To Wear High-Rise Jeans Or Skinny Jeans

100% Cotton Trumpet Arch Short Sleeve Customized Printed On Children's T-shirtNobody can contest that high-rise jeans have become a trend. We easily see many ladies wearing this fashionable style and it is intensely promoted by celebrities. Accessorizing the jeans and matching it with other clothes can be done Men’s Custom Cool King Short Sleeve T-Shirt quite easily. Skinny jeans are also a recent innovation that attracts not only women, but also hip males and those who want more style. Find out more what clothes fit better with these 2 styles of jeans!

High-rise jeans represent the most flattering style of jeans for ladies. Its purpose is to expose an elongated, well-balanced, fit body. Just like skinny jeans, if they do not fit correctly, they will feel very uncomfortable. The first thing to do is to determine the type of jeans suitable for your body. If you are petite, opting for the first style, of 29 inch, is the right thing to do.Taller persons can opt for 35 inches jeans. Boyfriend jeans are perfect for those with pear-shaped body, while flare-style jeans are the right choice for athletic builds.

You can wear these 2 types of pants anytime of the year. They can be easy adapted to all sorts of clothes. A classic combo for high-rise jeans is with a shirt, in which you can tuck them in. They go well in spring or summer. Boots and shirts are up to you to decide. Using a button-down shirt can wholesale white t-shirts new york give you a more seductive or sophisticated look.

Blazers and crops go so well with our first type. The good news is that they also work for fall, assuming that is not so cold outside. But even if it gets a bit cooler, you can always wear some jeans; just pair them with a tank top and a cardigan. Or you can adapt the look, by wearing a nice sweater. As you can see, it is easy to find a good outfit all around the year.

Things get a bit more complicated when wearing skinny jeans. As you probably already know, they are not made for comfort, but for looks. Do not limit yourself to the casual Friday-chic look or the skinny hipster look. A tunic or a classy cardigan will give room for plenty of options. Just like for high-rise jeans, you can get pretty sophisticated when pairing a classic button-down shirt. It’s ideal for summer and start of the fall seasons. A denim jacket is ideal for late autumn days and night and some comfy footwear.

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