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The Stream Team: Stepping On Tax Edition, April 15

‘Tis the season! Just… not that season. This isn’t one we really want; it’s not a season of joyousness and brotherly kindness. No, this one’s more akin to scattering LEGOs and thumbtacks all across the floor then dashing barefoot from wall to wall just to hit your head against them over and over. We understand the pain. Truly, we do. And The Stream Team is here for you.

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They say nothing’s certain in life except death and taxes, but we disagree! We’d totally add Massively TV to that list. Have white shirt and pants we ever left you in your times of need? No! And we know you need us now more than ever. We’re here to help you, with a full line-up of shows to help ease the pain and take your mind off the traumas that cannot be avoided. So take a load off and check out this week’s schedule, catch a few reruns, see the highlight of the week, and take part in our two polls. Then remember, at least this only happens once a year!

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