The big Chicken Idea

The massive Bird Idea is a crossover between the big Bang Idea and Huge Hen from Sesame Street.

Men's  Custom This Is Your Life - Fight Club Short Sleeve T-ShirtThis section is from MAD Season four, Episode three (81): Wreck It Gandalph / The large Bird Concept.

Leonard Hofstadter and Sheldon Cooper are tired of their present and escape to Sesame Avenue.

The Shining 1921 Ball Image
– Zune
Star Wars

MAD References

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Rental Floss
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  • Leonard Hofstadter, Ph.D / Johnny Galecki
  • Sheldon Cooper
  • Huge Bird
  • Ernie and Bert
  • Maria
  • Talking equation
  • Cookie Monster
  • Oscar the Grouch
  • Prairie Daybreak
  • Amy Poheler
  • Conan O’Brien
  • Sofia Vergara

(The sketch begins with Leonard and Sheldon on the sofa.)

Leonard Hofstadter, PHD: I can not take this anymore, Sheldon!

Sheldon Cooper: You mean the way they make us gown up like nerds from the 1980’s?

Sheldon: The hairstyles?

Leonard: No.

Sheldon: The demonic snigger observe that performs after every little thing we say?

Leonard: No! It’s All the things! After five seasons I can’t take being right here anymore! I need to be on some other present!

Sheldon: I figured as much, which is why I have been working on this method.

Leonard: What’s this formulation for?

Sheldon: It’s for what I call “New Root Beer”, however for the purpose of this sketch, just push this button and watch.

(Leonard does so, warping them both by way of reveals till they hit a nest… and Leonard is in Bert’s shirt and Sheldon is in Ernie’s shirt!)

Leonard: Where are we?

Massive Chicken: Hello, guys!


Leonard: Cling on, Big Bang Theory plus Sesame Road divided by MAD, carry the one– Oh, you’ve gotta be kidding me!

(Title card: The massive Fowl Concept)

Huge Chicken: I am so excited you guys are right here! I can not consider you got the method to work.

Sheldon: Large Bird was operating this experiment on the other facet, when two of his mates obtained sick of being on this present.

(Again to the sofa. Bert is wearing the green jacket and purple “ZUNE” T-shirt while Ernie is carrying the blue “GREEDO SHOT FIRST” T-shirt. Snicker track.)

Bert: There it is again!

(Laugh track)

Ernie: Where is that laughing coming from?

(Again on the road.)

Leonard: Wait, so you’re telling me you are a scientist?

Massive Chook: Are you kidding me? I rely to 10, I can virtually say an entire sentence in spanish. (Dealing with the display) Me llamo es sopa. (My title is soup)

(Maria facepalms and cries)

Leonard: Effectively, I don’t care! I just wanna return residence.

Sheldon: You do not wanna go back there. Look how a lot better things are here!

Leonard: How do you determine?

Sheldon: Well, back at house, you simply write numbers down. However in Sesame Street, the equations really discuss again.

(Cuts to the equation)

5: Hey, we’re exhausted from hanging up right here all day. Can we get down now?

Huge Chicken: That is enough out of you! You understand me?

Big Chicken: I can not hear you!

5: Yes, Bird.

(Dramatic moment…)

Large Hen: At ease!

Leonard: (Whispering) Cree-py.

Large Chook: What did you say, boy?

Leonard: Sorry Chook!

(Large Hen scratches his neck.)

(Dramatic moment.)

(Title card: The large Fowl Theory (Once more))

Sheldon: It’s a perfect fit! Everyone right here has their own dopey one-dimensional catchphrase, too, like “bazinga”!

(Extra cheers)

Cookie Monster: Cookies cookies COOKIES!

Oscar the Grouch: SCRAM!

Prarie Daybreak: Hello, I am Prairie Daybreak.

(Music stops. Crying in the space.)

Big Bird: Oh, uh, Prairie Daybreak? I don’t suppose that’s a catchphrase.

Prarie Dawn: True, however it’s catchier than “I’m Being Held In opposition to My Will”. Significantly, I am Being Held Aganst My Will.

(Title card: The large Fowl Principle (But Once more))

Leonard: I nonetheless do not see how being on Sesame Street is better than being in The large Bang Idea.

Sheldon: Are you kidding me? They get much better visitor stars than we do.

Large Chook: Everybody visits Sesame Street! Look who’s stopping by now! (cuts to Amy Poehler, Conan o’ Brien, and Sofia Vergara) Look who’s stopping by now! It’s Amy Poehler, Conan O’Brien, and Sofia Vergara! (cuts back to Big Hen) And look! It’s Johnny Galecki! (cuts to Johnny Galecki)

Leonard: Wait, that’s me! How can I be there and right here at the identical time?!

Large Hen: You have always been right here! I ought to know. I’ve all the time been here. (cuts to Big Chook on the 1921 Sesame Street ball)

Leonard: I wanna get residence! Please, Sheldon, can you inform me tips on how to get away from Sesame Road?!

Sheldon: Yes, it appears Big Chicken and I’ve confirmed that the grass is always greener. This was just a bit excersise to make you proud of what you have. Push this button. It should swap everyone back to where they belong. (Leonard pushes button and it swaps them back to their present)

Leonard: Well, I assume we’ve discovered a precious lesson here right now.

Ernie: (Rises from behind the sofa with Bert) Says you! No manner we’re going again to that crazy fowl.

  • This is the 12th time Sesame Road showed up.
  • This is the second time the large Bang Idea showed up. The first was the The large Fang Idea.
  • Initially, the video solely on with unique actors from Sesame Avenue together with actors from the massive Bang Concept, then moved to Cartoon Network Video with new actors and finally on Tv with Wreck It Gandalph. There was also a preview of this on the Hollywood Reporter.
  • The whole relaxation of the big Bang Theory solid did not show up. Major letdown!
  • It has been revealed that Huge Chicken’s a scientist after almost forty four years.
  • In a Shyla dub when Big Hen mentioned “My Title is Soup” in Spanish, the subtitles have been eliminated and dubbed in English.
  • The black and white picture of Huge Hen titled “Sesame Street Ball 1921” is a reference to the ending scene of the 1980 film The Shining, through which the principle charachter is revealed to have been on the hotel, he was staying in, without end.

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