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How To Make Song Request Cards For Your Band Or DJ

Men's DOTD Playing card Print Long Sleeve T ShirtsSome DJs and bands provide their own request cards as a form of advertising. Cards are placed either up with at the band/DJ station or on stacks at the tables.

When I asked my DJ if he used them, he said they could so I said I’d email him a PDF of the cards so he could check them out. He saw them and said it was t shirts jack and jones a great idea and he’d love to use them.

What makes request cards so useful and convenient?

Think Men Retro T-Shirts about it. All those people wanting to hear their favorite songs. They line up then almost have to shout it out so they can be heard. Then the DJ has to remember it.

Remedy that with request cards. Readily available right where the guests are seated. They can fill them out at their leisure, then just stroll up to the stage and hand them to the DJ. He then has the requests in easy to read print right in front of him (or her).

The best way to make requesting songs more convenient for your guests and your musical host, make sure only one song can be placed on each card. The guest can request a specific song done by a particular artist, or they can write “any song” by a particular artist. You can also put a line on the card for the guest to make the request a dedication and who the song should be t shirts jack and jones dedicated to.

Coordinate Cards to Your Color Theme

And what’s even better, if you make them yourself, they’ll blend right in with your color theme and design by using coordinated paper and ink.

Making them is easy. You just use your word processing software, design them and print them out on card stock. I chose card stock because if people write hard, they might write through paper. Also, your guests might think it’s such a neat idea, they’ll want to keep one.

I made our request cards in our theme of mauve and ivory, three to a page, about the size of an index card. I made enough for two per guest, so I printed out 200 of them. Obviously we won’t have enough time to get 200 songs played, but I’d rather have too many than not enough. I’d also like the DJ to be able to take some home as samples in case his other clients may be interested in making some for their event.

So check with your band or DJ. If they already provide their own, ask if they’d mind if your provided them instead so they’ll coordinate with your color theme and look nice sitting on your tables.

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