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Handmade Hemp Clothing

Hemp clothing is a product made from weaving natural fibers obtained from the cannabis plant. Although many may know of the cannabis plant’s recreational uses, these plants were initially bred to yield long fibers.
Hemp is the longest, strongest, most durable natural fiber known to mankind and has been used for over 12,000 years. It was cultivated to provide industrial uses such as rope, paper, canvas, clothing, and other alternative textiles.

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Originally, hemp is a coarse fiber and was deemed unsuitable for human wear. However, breeding methodologies were discovered to treat hemp fibers and produce a fiber that is much softer; an ideal material to use for weaving hemp. The end-product was then called handmade hemp clothing.

In the United States, hemp is the only crop that can be legally imported but not actually grown. Clothing made from industrial hemp is perfectly legal in the America.
The governing laws are confusing, but non-food and non-drug products made from this crop and sold in a reputable location is perfectly legal in this country. Handmade hemp clothing are comfortable to wear as the fibers keep the user cool.

They are also wrinkle-free which makes it a convenient staple in the wardrobe. Handmade hemp clothing are strong, durable, and absorbent. They are actually more preferred than cotton for garment that need to withstand hard wear. The fibers are known to last longer than cotton because compared to cotton, hemp textiles are stronger, more durable, consume only one third the amount of water, and growing hemp requires no crop chemicals.

It is highly resistant to mildew, rotting, very anti-microbial, and tests have shown that hemp material, with a close weave, repels U.V. Rays. Handmade hemp clothing is generally woven or knitted.
The personalized touch that the hand woven garments provide tend to add a certain exclusivity and value to the product. Designer Calvin Klein is known to have incorporated hemp materials to his fabrics and produce high-end fashion clothing to add to his latest collection. Author Box Therese Wright has 1 articles online

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