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Create Embroidered Apparel

Men's Print City lights Short Sleeve T Shirts

Custom embroidered polo shirts are the best selling embroidery item.However there is much demand for embroidered hats and customized outerwear.With a quality embroidered company’s logo stand apart from the rest.

No minimum orders is key to placing a custom embroidery order that fits your needs.We offer pricing from 1 piece so if you are looking for a special customized gift we can do it.Some of the best gifts are embroidered personalization garments.We see many of these come through like: custom anniversary gifts, custom reunion t-shirts, personalized birthday gifts.Adding personalization to a great gift can make all the difference.

Today it is very easy to place a custom embroidered order and LogoWear Plus would like to make it faster.With the best service in the promotional products industry, let us serve you.

Estimating Stitch Count

Here is an easy way to estimate the amount of stitches you’ll need for great looking logos.

– Print out the grid below
– Cut out your artwork and place it over the grid
– Count the number of boxes it fills, then find that number in the chart
– If your design goes outside the grid, estimate the extra grid space you need and add it to your original total.

Other Points to Remember when Estimating a Stitch Count
– 1 solid square inch of embroidery equals approximately 2,000 Women’s Custom Juicy and Sweet Short Sleeve Tops Tees stitches.
– 1 solid square 1/4 inch of embroidery will equal about 125 stitches.
– No letter should be smaller than 1/4″ in height.
– Fabrics, colors, and artwork detail will affect the amount of stitches.

It is important to remember that these stitch-count tips, and the stitch-count t shirt company reno grid, provide estimates only. They are a good starting point to arrive at a ballpark count, but the precise figure can only be determined when the actual logo is digitized.

Note: Due to differences in computers and printers, the size of the grid may be distorted when you print it out. Be sure to check that 1-inch squares actually measure 1 inch on your printout (do the same for 1/4-inch squares). If such a size distortion occurs, you can scale your printout of the grid to a more accurate size using a photocopier.

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