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Swimming Pools In Karachi

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Swimming Pools In Karachi
Updated on August 23, 2017 StormsHalted moreThe Author is an undergrad electrical engineering student continually facing challenging doses of higher engineering mathematics!

Contact Author What else could make a better summer escapade then having a dive in one of the swimming pools across Karachi. So this passionate swimmer has compiled a list of swimming pools in Karachi discussing pros and cons of each of them.

Haji Club

Rs 100/- Rs 1,500 20m 5ft

Location: Main Water pump Chowrangi.
[Currently closed] This one is perhaps the oldest one in this area. Water is changed three times a week and is clean for most of the days however I suspect that he doesn’t add chlorine to his water. On Saturdays and Sundays its full with people so you should try going as early as possible. You might not like the changing and shower facilities here.

There is also a gym by the side and if you are a gym member you will get discount on swimming.

Dewa Acadmy Swimming Pool

Rs 200/- Rs 2,500 25m 7ft
This is also a pretty nice pool with clean surrounding, he usually keeps a check on the number of people entering so it is likely not be overcrowded. You should however check water quality before spending your 200 rupees here.

Rangers Officer’s Club

Rs 200/- Rs 2,000 50m –

Location: Board Office chowrangi.
If you are looking for a pro-friendly place then this is the place for you.

Aside from the Rs 2,000 monthly fee their is a Rs 14,500 one time membership fee.

You must find a member’s reference if you want to go in for a day only.

Instructor is available and their is a separate time for ladies.

Karsaz Swimming Pool

Rs 200/- Rs 3,500/- 50m 7.5ft

Location: Inside PNS Karsaz. (They will check Id cards before letting you in)
This navy administered pool is one of the few 50m pools in the city. Civilians are allowed for only one hour in evening from 7 – 8 pm and from 11 – 12 am on weekends.

There is a high dive board with 14.5 ft deep dive end.

A Naval officer is required to attest your membership form.

They have separate timings for women.
Membership is open to civilians according to the following table:

Civilian students currently enrolled in Naval Institutes Rs 1,000/-

Civilian students under 21 years Rs 2,000/-

Civilian citizens of Pakistan Rs 3,500/-
KMC Sports Complex

Rs 200/- Rs 7,800 per year 50m 5ft

Location: Kashmir Road
This is by far the best swimming pool in Karachi with proper changing rooms and clean shower facilities. They have a filtration system which ensures that water quality stays reasonable. If you want a good swimming experience then I recommend this pool.

Its worth your money.

Timings are 6 am – 9 am for members and for non-members as well.

Saturday closed.
Membership prices for one year are as under:

Category Price

Private Members Rs 7,800/-

Govt. Officers (grade 17 and above ) Rs 3,850/-

KMC Officers (grade 17 and above) Rs 3,500/-
Greenland Swimming Pool

Rs 150/- Rs 1,200/- 25m 6ft
Pool is of reasonable size but it is almost every time full of people, you would obviously not feel comfortable in that sort of company. Early morning hours however can give you some relief here.

Shehzad Pool

Rs 200/- N/A 15m 5ft

location: FB Area Block 4.

This is a small four lane pool located inside a banglow, water and showering area facilities are acceptable for most of the time but it is advised that you check the water quality before diving in because the last time I went, their water was all cloudy. Swimming classes are offered here. Their is also a sheesha bar by the side.


Daily/head Memebership Length Depth

Rs 250/- Rs 4,000 Indoor –

location: FB Area Block 6.
Well maintained indoor pool, water and shower facilities are usually clean but its expensive as compared to other pools in area. There is a separate timing for ladies and swimming classes are also offered.

Deccan Health Club

Rs 200+ Rs 1,500 – 4,000 Indoor 5ft
It is an Indoor Swimming pool located in North Nazimabad, has the advantage that you can enjoy swimming here in winter. Their pool itself is weirdly triangular shaped but the water and shower facilities are clean and good. Their is a separate time for ladies in afternoons.

Hill Park

Daily/head Membership Length Depth

Rs 200/- – <20m 5ft

Location: Inside Hill Park, near Shaheed-e-Millat Road.
This is a small swimming pool inside Hill Park. Water quality and shower facilities are average but it is full of people on weekends.

Information cited here is solely for information purpose only, real circumstances may vary. The author does not assumes any responsibility of information cited here.

These are a few more pools I have not visited yet :

Orion Swimming Pool.

Services Mess. (Its behind Avari Towers in Saddar, Rs 300/- head)

Power Gym.

Pavilion End Club.

Karachi gymkhana. ( Membership Closed )

Ramada Hotel.

Avari towers.

North Nazimabad Gymkhana. ( Membership Cost is 3 lac+ )

Aga Khan University sports complex. ( Members Only)

© 2015 StormsHalted

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sendingAuthorStormsHalted 2 years ago from Karachi, Pakistan

Its no longer then 25m

Richard 2 years ago

I’d like to know the length of the swimming pool at Hill Park. It is currently open.

AuthorStormsHalted 2 years ago from Karachi, Pakistan

Thank you for such an encouraging comment

Firstly I would have to read your hubs about cardio and target toning to find out what it really is.

Currently There are Few pools in Karachi where ladies can swim but that is usually in separate hours or days. The Adult swim concept has still a long way to go.

As for the beaches I have seen a few articles on hubpages about beaches in Karachi and a quick search will unveil them for you.

Thank you for your time.

Kelly A Burnett 2 years ago from United States


I LOVE this hub! Of course, I love all things swimming but I have to tell a secret I attended college with many students who were from Lahore and Karachi so I have a special affinity to this hub so please forgive me so many questions.

I agree with emge about the women swimming. I would love to hear about “solutions” for women feeling comfortable. I believe there is a great deal we can learn from your country on this topic.

For instance, here in the US, we have seen many successful swimming pools (private and public) offering “adult swim” in order to have all family members comfortable with the pool.

I am a HUGE believer that the swimming pool is FOR families and yet each type of member has different needs and as a female I would LOVE to hear how you provide effective solutions for the females alongside females with children.

What is common here (and yes, I am a swimming pool junkie and have literally swam in Dubai and just about any state I have set foot in here in the US) is the “adult swim.” I have found adults love this time in the swimming pool. I am a huge child at heart so I personally do not need the “adult” swim but appreciate the need and wish for that to be promoted.

Again, I apologize for the length here, I am passionate about swimming and have a sincere love of the modesty of the Asian women and feel we could ALL learn from our fellow bloggers on what works and take back to our communities winning strategies to promote what I call lovingly swim fitness and fun.

The water offers a unique environment where your resting heart rate will actually go down 18-20 sport shirt framing manchester beats per minute. The water is relaxing but also the single BEST environment in the world not just for cardio but also for target toning. Additionally, the water is pure FUN for all family members.

Family members who have a low body fat will tend to 1.) sink in the water more readily and 2.) of course, be more afraid of the water. As the inventor of the swim board called Budee Board (formerly the EZ Swimmer), I know the comfort level of those who readily sink in the water need the board for buoyancy.

I trust that all the pools listed have swimming lessons for the children. If not, for those listening, I urge them to contact Red Cross for their six-level Learn-to-Swim programs.

I would love to see a hub or many hubs, one of each for every single beach in Karachi. I believe the world is unaware that Karachi has much to offer – both in geography and in culture and I urge you to continue to contribute to HubPages.

Voted up! And I do sincerely wish to learn more!

Madan 2 years ago from Abu Dhabi

These are very few for a big city like karachi. What about women swimming. Wish you had touched on that

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