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Bottled Water Industry Trends In 2017

In recent years, the bottled water industry has been taking quite a beating. Most of the criticisms aimed at the major players in the bottled water space have to do with the ethics of selling people a product that some feel is not really needed; especially for people who live in developed countries where the water supply is clean. Other issues being discussed online, in homes, and in government offices around the world is the negative effect the industry has had on the environment. The amount of resources it takes to produce a bottle of water and the greenhouse gasses generated by the process has made the product a pariah in this increasing environmentally conscious atmosphere.

However, many in the bottled water industry are working on making positive changes that will address the concerns voiced by the people. For the most part, bottled water companies are trying to hold onto the market share they have obtained in the industry. Not only has more manufacturers popped up in the space, the space is actually shrinking. For the first time in 2008, sales of the water product dropped by 1%. In 2009, sales continued to decline to the tune of 2.5% and the trend is expected to repeat itself in 2010.

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Some of the initiatives taken on by manufacturers in the bottled water industry include reducing the amount of packaging needed for a bottle of water. For example, Nestle Waters has managed to reduce the amount of plastic used for their bottles by almost 90% over 20 years has significantly reduced the amount of resources they use to make the product. Other companies are switching over to a completely different type of packaging altogether. The rise of compostable bottles made from plant based plastics shows some companies, like Renewal Water, are considering the water’s cradle to grave lifecycle.

Several state governments are making a move on manufacturers in the bottled water industry. As it stands, almost all of the companies get their water from the source for free or for just a fraction of what they charge for the end product. Florida is moving to equalize this by introducing legislation that will tax bottlers by the gallon for the resources they are siphoning off to make their product. Only time will tell if they will be able to make the tax (a proposed 6%) stick. If they do, it won’t be long before other states follow in their footsteps. Author Box Chris Rapp has 1 articles online

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