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How to Screen Print

How you can screen print your individual t-shirts, posters and extra.

Screen printing, Silk screening or serigraphy is a printmaking technique that creates a pointy edged image using a stencil. It is often used to print t-shirts, hats, tote bags, cd/dvd’s, posters, bumper stickers and much more. There are lots of materials and shapes that can be display printed together with ceramics, wood, plastics, glass, metals and paper.

The materials utilized in display screen printing are very reasonably priced and many of the tools used can be built at house for very low price.

The minimal objects needed to display screen print are:

– Screens
– Squeegees
– Scoop Coater
– Exposure light supply
– Gentle sensitive emulsion
– Ink


Screen printing screens are wood or metallic frames which are covered with a stretched fabric mesh connected to the frame. The mesh has holes in it that enable ink to flow by means of the display screen. Mesh is rated in how many and what size the holes are. This may decide how much ink passes through the display screen and onto the substrate or the material being printed.

Screens could be made or purchased with the mesh pre-stretched and hooked up. Purchasing the pre-stretched screens are one rare rolling stones t shirts of the best ways to start.


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Squeegees are used to push the ink via the display screen and onto the substrate. The squeegee also sheers or cuts the ink so you end up with a sharp picture. They are available in many different sizes and durometers. Durometer is the unit of measure for the hardness of the rubber portion of the squeegee. Additionally they come in sq. or rounded with metal or wooden handles.

In my opinion, the most effective squeegee to start with would be a 70 durometer sq. blade. That will give good flexibility and the sq. edge will shear the ink.

Exposure mild supply

An exposure gentle source is any gentle that provides off ultra violet mild (UV). Most light sources give off UV but some give off greater than others. The extra UV the light supply gives off the quicker you will expose the display screen. Examples of mild sources you need to use are:

– The sun
– Unfiltered Black Lights
– Halogen Work Lights
– Mercury Vapor
– Metallic Halide

The sun is the most inexpensive source but is difficult to manage exposure instances. Many individuals begin out with an $eight halogen work light from the native home enchancment retailer.

Light Sensitive Emulsion

Emulsion is applied to the screen mesh and blocks all of the holes besides where the picture is. The emulsion is delicate to UV mild and can harden or cure in the areas uncovered by the Men’s Geometric Fox Silhouette Custom Long Sleeve Tee Shirt UV. The artwork is printed on a clear or frosted sheet of plastic and then positioned on a screen coated with emulsion. The sunshine is blocked in the world of the art and stays uncured. The uncured emulsion might be washed out and the remaining cured emulsion will block the ink.


Ink comes in lots of differing kinds depending on the fabric being printed on. The most typical for t-shirt printing is Plastisol. Plastisol isn’t ink at all, It’s a liquid plastic that can harden or cure when uncovered to heat of at the least 320 levels. Once the plastisol is cure the shirt can be worn. The opposite kind of ink is water based that needs time to air dry. Water based inks will dry in the display screen if you don’t keep the display flooded where plastisol won’t ever cure until uncovered to heat. For frequent prints, some printers will depart plastisol in screens for months.

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