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Why Would You Use Aluminum Logo Water Bottles To Advertise Your Company?

Women's Print Joy Choose Joy Short Sleeve Tee ShirtIn the world of advertising, whatever draws positive, sustained focus on an item or service and improves its sales is considered a good advertising method. From TV ads to people having a logo design tattooed on their forehead; there isn’t much that was not tried in an attempt to improve income. But one of the most successful methods for selling a company’s offerings-and also among the least expensive-might surprise you: branding promotional items such as aluminum logo water bottles with a company’s logo and information. How can some simple water bottles be a competent means of advertising? To find out, you have to think simple rather than complex.

Four Reasons Why Aluminum Logo Water Bottles Are Great for Advertising

1. They Get Seen

Whether your advertisements are long, expensive TV ads played during prime time or small print ads put into an area newspaper, they accomplish nothing unless of course people see them. Just getting your advertisements seen doesn’t equate to setting them on the grand stage. Instead you could do something similar to placing your information on a large number of commonly used, durable items and strategically hand them to potential customers/clients.

2. They Get Seen Over and Over Again

Long after a costly radio or television ad marketing campaign has ended, promotional items can nonetheless be working their magic. According to a study of an audience composed mostly of business people, the Promotion Products Association International (PPAI) found that 71 percent from the audience had received an advertising product within the last year, of which 55 percent from the audience kept their promotional products in excess of twelve months. For advertisers, that comes down to having their logo and contact information seen perhaps many, many times.

3. You Are Able to Reduce Expense Without Jeopardizing Quality of Advertising

When you make a commercial for television, for radio, or perhaps a webmercial, you can only keep advertising expense so low until the quality of the advertisement begins to suffer. With promotional goods, however, you can reduce cost as much as you please by ordering your product or service in smaller batches and handing them out more discriminately. But the products you dispense will still have their intended effect.

4. They’re Aggressive Without Having to be Annoying

How would you feel if you told a business you needed some time to think about a buying decision, and then they proceeded to bombard you with emails, letters, and telephone calls asking for a decision during the time you requested to think it over? You would probably rather purchase from a business that respected your dignity, even while you knew the company’s aggressive tactics were nothing personal. To keep your company on people’s minds, you need to be aggressive, but you should do it respectfully. While it may seem simplistic, letting a potential client go out of your office or away from your trade show booth with a handful of promotional items is a respectful way to keep your company in your client’s mind, thus demanding the client’s decision without actually demanding it.

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