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As David Letterman Says Goodbye, Let’s Not Overlook “The Hal Gurnee Years”

Schooling and Science┬╗

02. NJORD’S SILVERY PATH, Danes Cross The Sea, Aiming For Wessex;

03. “ALL I Odor IS BURNING CAKES!” Aelfred’s Home Skills Examined;

100% Cotton white bird garden Short Sleeve Customized Casual Children's T-shirt04. AETHELRED II, ‘UNRAED’ TO EADWARD, Slow Fuse To Disaster, eleventh Century Politics;

05. KNUT, A great Dane, No Ransacking Viking But An Empire Builder;

06. HUSCARL, Family Servant Turned Skilled Warrior;

07. DANES AT Home, Viking Age Kingdom Over The Waves;

08. DENMARK [O.E. ‘Denemearce’], Heroes, Kings, Legends;

09. JORVIK, Residence To Kings, Traders, Warmakers;

10. HROLF ‘KRAKI’, Feted And Fated Warrior King – Origins Of The Saga (This in itself is an ‘overture’ to the SAGA OF HROLF ‘KRAKI’ in nine components)

Good news for Jorvik Viking Centre fans and newcomers
In December 2015 York was inundated as soon as again, the River Ouse flooded, its banks burst and the Jorvik Viking Centre had to close its doorways… for the duration, some thought pessimistically. There is good news, the Centre will open its doors once extra on April 8th, 2017 after intensive repairs and prevention work undertaken to make sure a repeat is not going to occur.

Use the link under to see what’s been completed, and the way this ‘keyhole’ into the Viking Age has changed (mustn’t spoil the nice surprise for you):

JORVIK VIKING CENTRE, Coppergate, York, YO1 9WT, 01904 615505

The gateway to York’s Viking Previous is located on Coppergate in the guts of the town, close to procuring, the Castle Museum and the River Ouse. Travel again into history, see how York’s Anglo-Danish citizens lived, worked and traded from the ninth Century
Ad 1013: After squeezing Danegeld from Aethelred’s coffers, Svein introduced his younger son Knut and an amazing fleet
VIKING AGE ENGLAND, Julian D Richards, Tempus Publ., ISBN zero-7524-2888-eight
The kingdoms that turned England were wealthy, Christian and ripe for plunder. It can be for plunder that initially brought the Norsemen, the monasteries and churches positioned perilously near the sea. Mistakes made by kings – or usurpers in the case of Aelle of Bernicia – value them their kingdoms, and in some situations their lives. The base execution of Ragnar ‘Lothbrok’ at the hands of Aelle brought his sons with their combined fleets in Ad 865. The ‘Micel Here’ wrought punishment and wreaked havoc, finally settling, farming, buying and selling and spreading out north-westward in the direction of their Norse neighbours in Cumbria. The Danes settled largely in the decrease-lying lands and river valleys of the East, North and West ‘Thridjungar’, the Ridings and as far because the Irish Sea personalised t shirts malta (the realm now marked as Lancashire, Manchester and Merseyside). The native Aengle (Angles) occupied the higher floor and Norsemen settled on the coast around Whitby and Scarborough (Hviteby and Skarthiburh), plying a trade in fishing. Halvdan, one of the sons of Ragnar ‘Lothbrok’ took the kingship. Within the east the warband chief Guthrum took the kingship of East Anglia and the world between, the Danelaw comprised the Five Boroughs, Deoraby, Leagerceaster, Lindcylne, Snotingaham and Staenford (Derby, Leicester, Lincoln, Nottingham and Stamford), who owed loyalty to their own group chieftains and leaders. A number of kings succeeded in Jorvik, Sigtrygg ‘Caech’ (‘Squinty’) came from Dublin, another Danish centre within the British Isles. Aethelstan crushed him after marrying a sister to the Dane, but when Aethelstan died the Danes established themselves once more. Later within the tenth Century Eirik Haraldsson, ‘Blood-axe’ took over the rule in Jorvik, coming again to reign again after being thrown out before being ambushed on Stainmore Common on the border with Cumbria, Aenglish rule was imposed again. Then Aethelred had Danes in Oxford murdered and a brand new kingdom would result, under Knut.

Viking Age England
Viking Age England Purchase Now DANELAW YEARS, how was it for you?
Will you comply with the ten components of the sequence?

I’ve enjoyed this introduction, and will now we have the pleasure of your company?

I enjoyed reading the intro, but it isn’t my thing

Not my factor, made a mistake ‘landing’ here
See outcomes An empire his heirs couldn’t hold on to
The Viking AgeThe Viking influence in the East Riding of Yorkshire.
by Asp528

Rise of Nation-States height:75px” class=”thumbphoto”>Environmental ProtectionFloods in the UK
by molometer48

The Viking AgeVIKING – 32: WHO Have been THE VIKINGS. What Catapulted Them To The Forefront Of Historical past?
by Alan R Lancaster14

The Viking AgeOrkney Islands’ Neolithic and Viking Heritage
by Carolyn Emerick16

The Viking AgeVIKING – 7: FORMATION Fighting – The Shape and Wiles of Battle within the Viking Age
by Alan R Lancaster0

The Viking AgeVIKING – 6: Within the PAY OF Jap EMPERORS – The Varangian Guard From Early Occasions
by Alan R Lancaster2

sendingAuthorAlan R Lancaster thirteen months ago from Forest Gate, London E7, U K (ex-pat Yorkshire)

LO again Lawrence. You is perhaps proper in assuming it was down the road from you. Others say it was on the River Thames (it is tidal as much as Brentford Lock, maybe further before that was constructed). The story itself has grown out of proportion but its whereabouts never appeared to be as necessary to document. I’ll take a look in my copy of the Chronicles to see if there’s a point out or a clue.

Just down the road from the place I grew up was Kingsford that was supposedly the place the place Knut (or Canute as we used to say) sat on the seashore and ordered the Sea to retreat, if it was then even the Sea obeyed him as it’s now forty miles inland!

There are different places in England that claim it too so we might never know the precise location, however nonetheless great youngsters stories to be informed.

AuthorAlan R Lancaster thirteen months in the past from Forest Gate, London E7, U K (ex-pat Yorkshire)

Hi there Lawrence, simply thought I’d do an intro to the DANELAW YEARS as I did for VIKING. This is from the mid-ninth to late 10th C.

A thousand years ago abou this time Knut Sveinsson grew to become king, first of England after which two years later king of the Danes. He is interred with Aerhelred’s widow Emma and their son Harthaknut within the Old Minster at Winchester. Although he solely reigned nineteen years he was considered one of our best kings. We had prosperity and a powerful king. Then all of it went ‘pear-formed’ after he died, a multitude from Harold ‘Harefoot’ (Knut’s son by Aelfgifu of Northampton) to Henry I.

Lawrence Hebb thirteen months ago from Hamilton, New Zealand


The collection continues, and a really fascinating one at that!

The time of the ‘Danelaw’ has all the time fascinated me, then again just about any historical interval fascinates me!

Nice info right here.


AuthorAlan R Lancaster 14 months ago from Forest Gate, London E7, U K (ex-pat Yorkshire)

Whats up Blossom,

The Saxons achieved conquest of Celtic territory as far because the Tamar. That was the extent of Wessex, back to Hampshire and north-east from Exeter to Somerset (the place Glastonbury’s situated at the sting of the levels). When the Danes went down to Exeter their intention was not to conquer past the Tamar, but to outflank Aelfred. At the moment Cornwall was recognized to Saxon and English chroniclers as ‘West Wealas’ or West Wales,(Welsh being the Saxon phrase for ‘foreigners’) being linked to Wales by its Gallic connection. It was not made a part of England till the time of Henry II, ‘Anjou’, when he additionally subdued some of Eire as it was seen by Rome as ‘non-Christian’ (Celtic church). ‘Cornuaille’ was the Norman/Anjou reference to Cornwall. There is a separatist motion in Cornwall, as in Wales.

Bronwen Scott-Branagan 14 months ago from Victoria, Australia

You will have accomplished plenty of research for this and it reveals, nonetheless, you have got omitted the fact that the places they did not conquer were populated by Celts – including Cornwall. I see in certainly one of your maps that they received as far as Exeter, yet Cornwall isn’t inexperienced. Sorry! It’s really an awesome hub.

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