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5 Things To Consider When Selecting Your Restaurant Uniforms

Men's Print Dislike Foamy The Squirrel Short Sleeve Tee ShirtStarting a restaurant is tough, but don’t take shortcuts when choosing restaurant uniforms for your staff. It may seem obvious, but your restaurant uniforms are responsible for a diner’s first impression, and that’s not something to take lightly.
Portraying your restaurant’s brand and message correctly can go a long way to improving your diners’ overall dining experience. Here are our top five things to consider when choosing your restaurant uniforms:

Make your uniforms portray your brand
Waiter, waitress, host and other front of house staff are the first impression customers have of your restaurant. Make sure your uniforms properly communicate who you are to those customers to give them the right first impression. While not every employee needs to wear the same uniform (in fact we recommend against this), it’s important that the uniforms are a proper reflection of your brand and personality.

Uniforms come in different types of fabrics, colors, and styles. Depending on your business, some may be better than others. Is the uniform going to be a tailored fit or a loose fit? Do the colors match those in your logo? Do you need to add embroidering? These are all factors that should be considered. In addition, different manufacturers tend to use slightly different colors, so we recommend finding one uniform provider and sticking with them.

Brand it with your restaurant’s name, movie script shirts logo or slogan
All restaurant uniforms seen by customers should have the name of your restaurant on them somewhere. It’s important that your uniforms aren’t interchangeable with those of the restaurant across the street. We suggest using not only graphics, but potentially embroidering your restaurant’s name. The more visibility a customer has to your restaurant’s name, the stronger your brand becomes.

Match your restaurant uniforms to your restaurant’s atmosphere
Make sure that if you’re creating a formal dining atmosphere your waiters and staff are dressed in appropriate attire. And vice-versa, if you’re running a casual dining restaurant it makes sense that your waiters and waitresses should be in more casual clothing.

That being said, our experience has always been to err on the side of formality when it comes to choosing uniforms. By outfitting your staff with pressed shirts, pants, and formal aprons, your present a strong dining image to your customers. Remember, customers will relate the cleanliness of your restaurant’s uniform to their expectations of its food. Server lineups before opening are another good practice, as this ensures everyone is representing the restaurant properly.

Ensure your uniforms provide functionality for those wearing them
While having a great uniform helps improve your restaurants brand in your customer’s eyes, the uniform needs to be functional for the waiter, waitress or chef wearing it.

If you’re selecting uniforms for your front of house staff (waiters, waitress, hostess, etc.) make sure there are ample pockets in the front for them to store checks, pens, cash, etc. If it’s for the kitchen staff, choose longer aprons so that their shirts underneath stay clean. For hosts and hostesses, a nicer uniform can be used since there is less potential for spills and stains.

Buy extras and make sure you’re able to in the future
Spills and stains in the restaurant business are inevitable. Whether it’s a chef spilling something while cooking, a waiter/waitress dropping a tray, or the accidental spill from a customer, your restaurant uniforms are going to get stained. It’s important to always keep extras on-site so they can be changed out quickly.

Before purchasing, check with your vendor to see what their stocking policy is for each uniform component. Is this a seasonal item that may not be there next year? If so, consider ordering multiple extras with your order to plan for the future.

Take the extra steps when designing your restaurant uniforms – it’ll pay off!
Developing a uniform for your restaurant is important and should not be relegated to after-thoughts. Instead of just picking one out of a magazine, work with a restaurant uniform specialist to design and build one that truly captures your restaurant’s brand and identity. At Best Buy Uniforms we have been helping restaurants design and implement uniforms for over 30 years. Call, email, or stop in our warehouse today to talk with us about design the perfect uniform for your business.

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