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Eight Simple Steps For Success

Researching family trees can be quite an adventure! You’ve probably already begun to gather old photos and documents. You probably have a bit of knowledge about your family history and ancestry. And you certainly must have a very curious mind (if you didn’t then you wouldn’t be interested in learning about your family’s history).

Here are a few basic and simple steps you can take to begin researching your family history.

Men's Desgin Ancient Geometric Abstract Weathered Design Short Sleeve T-ShirtStep One: Gather All Your mens 6xt shirts “Stuff”

Before you start in on researching, you need to know what your current resources and assets are. So dig out those old treasure trunks down from the attic or up from the basement and dust off the old photo albums.

You are looking for anything that will be helpful in building a family tree. Examples of items include: old photos, papers, letters, postcards, awards, certificates, heirlooms, vital records, military records, etc. Even an old family bible can be a valuable resource for you!

Ask your relatives for this kind of stuff also. They may enjoy helping you! If they are not comfortable in lending your any of these items for your research, offer to have a photocopy made of the papers, or take a picture of the item with a good SLR camera.

Step Two: Interview Your Relatives

While you’re collecting all the other items from your relatives, you may as well take the time to conduct a family history interview with them. Start off by interviewing your oldest relatives first. Collect as much information as you can from them and don’t settle for only names and dates. The more details you can capture, the better.

If you are nervous about interviewing your relatives, ask someone to help you out. Bottom line – don’t put this step off – you may regret it if you do! The family history interview is one of the most important steps you must take.

Step Three: Record the Information on a Family Tree Chart

The most common charts for you are a pedigree chart or a family tree chart.

Step Four: Pick One Person or Family At A Time

Don’t try to do a group interview just so you can record several pieces of information at the same time! You need to pick just one person or one family group or surname. If you try to do several at once, you will most likely be frustrated and not make any mens 6xt shirts progress. Plus you may miss key pieces of information if you try to multi-task.

Step Five: Search the Local Courthouse

Take a trip downtown and scour the records available to you from the government courthouse documents. Look for birth, marriage and death certificates and other items such as deed for land, immigration records, real estate records, etc.

Step Six: Search On The Internet

There are both free and pay sites on the the Internet specifically for researching your family history. You can also do a quick Google search, or you can join an online forum or membership site for genealogy. But don’t have the unrealistic expectation that by searching on the Internet, you will magically have a complete family tree! No one will do it for you (unless you hire a professional genealogist).

Step Seven: Document Everything!

This is a crucial concept – you MUST record the documentation information. This is important for verifying certain pieces of data. Make sure you record vital information such as names, dates, locations, etc.

Step Eight: Have Fun!

Researching family trees can be a lot of work. However, if you’re not enjoying the process, you need to stop and take a break for a while (a few hours or a few days). When you get back to the project, you should have a refreshed attitude and enjoyment in the process. When it seems like work and not play, that’s your clue that you need to take a break!

Hint: Remember that most older records were not typed or entered into computers – they were hand-written and can easily contain spelling errors.

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Tip: There are some helpful sites on the Internet to help you when researching family trees

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