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Family Reunion T-Shirts

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Funding family reunion t shirts is a question that most people have if they are planning on getting shirts made for everyone. This is a good question indeed. There are a couple of options you can choose from. Personally, ladies xmas t shirts ebay I think it is easier to take orders and receive the payments from your family members before the reunion even takes place. You will need to do this far enough in advance though to have everything done, the order placed and enough time to get them back.

When everyone gets to the meeting place, they will be able to pick up their family reunion t-shirt along with other stuff you have like maps and a program.

This method is the best way of ensuring that everyone gets the right size and you have the right amount. Doing things this way will also help you get a discount because of your large order.

Instead of doing a pre-order type of scenario, you could have the price of the shirt added into the reunion dues that each family pays yearly. You will want to make sure that the dues are sent in early enough for you to pull off the order. All the families that pay their dues will be able to get their family reunion t shirts.

Fundraising is another method of collecting enough money so that every single member of the family gets a shirt. You can sell items like caps, videos of past reunions, cookbooks, buttons, and other items to vend to your very own family.

Items like these can be sold throughout the year or even during the current reunion for shirts next year. You can use old photographs to print on key chains and other items. Just make sure you find items at a low enough price that you can make a profit off of them. This will help with some of your cost.

Hopefully, these funding family reunion t shirts ideas have helped you out in your t-shirt adventure!

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