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Pocket Folder Printing Methods

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When printing custom pocket folders, there are two primary methods used to personalize your folders.

The first is lithographic printing on a traditional 1-color or multi-color press. Generally, you can get folders printed in your choice of 1, 2 or 4 ink colors. (The use of 4 ink colors is also referred to as full-color printing or 4-color process printing.)

First, you or your graphic designer will create the artwork for your imprint. Once you have approved the design, the artwork for your design needs to be color-separated. This means that each color needs to be provided as a separate piece of art since each color is printed separately as each sheet of folder cover stock goes through the press. In the case of 1 or 2-color printing, each color is printed using the PMS color specified by the designer. For those who are unfamiliar with PMS colors, PMS stands for Pantone Matching System, which is the printing industry standard for specifying each of the thousands of colors in the PMS color selector. When using 4-color process printing, the colors that are desired are achieved by combining 4 ink colors (cyan, yellow, magenta and black also known as CMYK.)

In addition to the color-separated artwork, your designer should also provide a composite print showing all of the ink colors together. This is important so that the folder manufacturer knows how to register the colors. Proper ink color registration refers to the position of each ink color in relation to the other colors.

The second primary hollister striped t shirt dress method of printing your folders is foil stamping. Foil stamping is recommended when using a folder cover stock that is medium-to-dark in color or if the cover stock is heavily textured.

It is important to note that when foil stamping is to be used, graphic designers should avoid certain design elements such as fine lines or rules less than 1 pt. thick, serif typefaces or type that is smaller than 8 pt. Large solids should be avoided and shaded areas will not work with foil stamping.

Typically, foil stamping is done in only 1 foil color. In this method of printing, a thick metal plate is used to stamp your personalization. The foil is supplied on a roll and as each folder goes through the foil stamping press, the foil is advanced after each impression or stamping since the foil is transferred from the roll onto the folder. In this method of printing, color registration is not the concern but rather the amount of pressure applied to the foil and the folder stock. If the pressure is too light, the foil stamped image may be blotchy or the type may be broken (gaps in the individual letters.) If the pressure is too strong, the imprint may actually emboss the paper and will not look acceptable. The imprint pressure also called tonnage is adjusted during the make-ready when setting up the foil- stamping machine.

No matter which type of custom pocket folders you choose, properly preparing your artwork will result in business presentation folders that you will be proud to have your name on.
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