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The History Of St George Island State Park

One of the most interesting places in Florida to visit is St. George Island State Park. The history of this island is a long one, although it is relatively new when it comes to a place for the public. Since 1980, when a causeway was constructed to get to the island, it has been a place for those who are seeking to take advantage of the Florida weather but not endure the crowds that converge on much of Florida will find that the peaceful island of St. George Island ideal.

St. George has been around for thousands of yeas. It was once the inhabitants of the Creek Indians who made this island their home. When Europeans settled onto the area in the late 1700s, the Creek Indians gave a large part of the island to John Forbes. It was soon after when the history of lighthouses began to emerge on the island as well as the smaller islands that surrounded the area. Storms took their tolls on the lighthouses and many were destroyed in storms. Despite numerous attempts to rebuild lighthouses, especially the Cape St. George Lighthouse, the lighthouse was destroyed permanently in 2005.

In addition to lighthouses that were manned to warn off ships from the coast, the island also held a significant place in history when it came to the war. During WWII, St. George Island was a military base. It was used for military purposes until 1965. In 1980, the area was designated as a state park because it is so environmentally friendly. As the public began its way to the park, residential housing was built on the island as well as a motel for those who wanted to stay and enjoy the beauty. The island does not allow any high rise buildings and is a wildlife sanctuary.

There are only about 1000 residents on the island that encompasses harley davidson t shirts near me nearly 1700 acres. People who visit the island. There are restrictions in place to make sure that the natural beauty of the island remains preserved. People can enjoy the white sand beaches on this island as well as the fishing and wildlife sanctuary. Even during the summer months, this island is not crowded and is idea for those who want to enjoy a simple way of living. Today, St. George Island is an out of the way vacation place where people go to swim, fish, look for seashells and enjoy the wildlife, including the bird life that flocks to the island. St. George Island has come a long way in the past years, although it still remains an unspoiled part of Florida.

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